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Oil rig scams are a great option for romance scammers.

Oil Rig Scams: Watch Out for This Type of Romance Scam

Romance scammers have come up with clever tactics to scam their victims out of their hard-earned cash. They make their victims fall in love with them through catfish profiles, and come up with emergency stories as to why they need money. They also come up with careers that allow them to pretend they are far…

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You can find someone with a picture to verify their identity.

How to Find Someone with a Picture on Social Catfish

You’re swiping on an online dating site when you come across someone attractive. You immediately swipe right, thinking that they’re super cute. However, the picture seems familiar to you and you don’t know why. By performing a reverse image search, you figure out that the picture is familiar because you actually follow the official social…

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Tinder may not have a search function, but you can still find someone's profile on Tinder.

How to Find Someone’s Profile on Tinder

Have you been suspicious of your significant other’s increased phone use lately as they hide what they are doing from you? Maybe your child is reluctant to let you see their phone and you want to know why. Or maybe you’re using the app and your finger slipped, swiping left on someone that could’ve been…

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Stream the 2022 FIFA World Cup right now for free with a VPN!

How to Stream the 2022 FIFA World Cup Live for Free with a VPN

The world’s most anticipated football event is here, and it doesn’t matter where you live – if you’re a football fan, you don’t want to miss it. Starting with the Qatar vs. Ecuador kick-off match on November 20, until the final game on December 18, every goal will count. And you can stream the 2022…

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There are many ways to know if someone is on dating sites - here are a few.

Ways to Know if Someone Is On Dating Sites

The rise of technology has changed our day-to-day lives – including how we date. Due to the countless dating sites and apps available today, it’s easy for us to meet and date new people all over the world. However, this can cause problems – and not just of the dating scam variety. For people who…

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It's important to be aware of student loan forgiveness scams!

Student Loan Forgiveness Scams: Red Flags to Watch Out For

On August 24, President Biden announced a three-part plan to help middle- and working-class people with student loan debt. The part that most people have focused on is up to $20,000 of student loan forgiveness. Everyone wants to know what they have to do to get their loans forgiven. Since the initiative is so new,…

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Why You Need a VPN to Protect Your Online Privacy

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have existed since the dawn of the Internet. However, you probably didn’t hear about these secure portals to your web activity until 2005. Almost all of the well-known VPN providers began in or after 2005, including StrongVPN (one of the most widely used and highly-rated VPNs, NordVPN wasn’t released until 2012). …

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How to Stay Safe in the Physical World and Defend Yourself in Public

As humans who live in societies with other humans, we have to be aware of the fact that someone else might try to hurt us. That doesn’t mean you should be afraid of everyone; it just means that you should learn how to be more aware. You should also know how to defend yourself if…

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