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Lost iPhone

Lost iPhone? If It’s Missing, Look Up to the Cloud for Help.

Here’s an important piece of advice: You need to learn what Find My and can do for you BEFORE you misplace or forget your phone somewhere.

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What Can You Get From Your Search History and Is It Even Worth Downloading?

If we were to broadcast our individual search history, the results could prove confusing, if not downright embarrassing. We may not be searching for anything particularly scandalous, but even still, the heat of shame may redden our cheeks.  A scroll through a week of one person’s internet searches could reveal “Fusion Theory” and “How to…

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Essential Documents (and Apps) to Take with You When You Travel Overseas

When you book a trip to travel abroad, you feel excited for the adventures that await you. But there’s risk involved with travel, especially when leaving your home country. To help mitigate that risk, it’s important to bring the right documents with you. For most overseas trips, you will need a variety of physical and…

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10 of the Most Popular, Badly Behaved Apps and Why You Should Never Install Them

We learn at a young age that what’s popular isn’t always right.  In a technological world with millions of featured apps, it’s tough to know what’s safe to download. Are all popular apps well-behaved? Should we base our decision to download an app on the number of total downloads and high ratings?  The truth is, some…

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What is Shadowbanning & How to Avoid It

Social media has become all about algorithms.  Whether you’re chasing followers, likes, swipes, or fame you can end up under the thumb of the algorithm. The issue is: what if the algorithm decides not to share your posts? What if people can’t find your profile, see your photos or read your posts? When something like…

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Cyber Insurance: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Cyberattacks on individuals and companies have evolved to such an extent that good cybersecurity has become a fundamental part of daily life. Even as experts develop ways to thwart cybercriminals, hackers keep getting around their defenses. That means that all the sensitive information about you or your company is at risk of being stolen, sold,…

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AI & Cybersecurity: Should We Be Worried?

When you think of artificial intelligence (AI) your mind might rush to the paranoid fantasies of the dark future of The Terminator franchise or Hal 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey. When will super-smart machines destroy us all?  Countless movies have explored the perils of machines developing self-awareness. How safe is AI in reality, and…

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Cybersecurity Terminology Explained

Technology is deeply ingrained in our modern lives. Whether you order groceries on your phone, use cloud computing at work, or utilize remote temperature control apps for your home, 93% of Americans today are using the internet and 85% of Americans own smartphones. Chances are, your grandmother is on her smartphone right now beating your…

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