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Annoying viral requests sent to your facebook

7 most annoying viral requests people post on their Facebook pages

We’ve all experienced annoying viral requests that seem to crop out of nowhere on Facebook. The kid you sat next to in 8th grade Spanish sends you a friend request, and he seems innocuous enough, but you haven’t spoken to him in decades.  Within days, you’re flooded by his posts asking his page visitors for…

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Section 230 currently grants online platforms immunity from liability for user-generated content.

The Threat of Repealing Section 230 and What it Means for Online Forums

In the early rise of the online age, website and Internet developers were flying blind. The amazing world of possibilities the Internet opened needed regulations, but the tech gurus behind its evolution didn’t want to stifle creativity and free speech, and wanted to ensure the world wide web was free and open to all.    In…

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How to Validate the Authenticity of a Soldier's Claim

Key Questions to Validate the Authenticity of a Soldier’s Claim

Confirm military status by requesting to view a form of ID

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Apple's Lockdown Mode provides additional security ... but with significatn drawbacks.

Should You Use Apple’s Lockdown Mode? Here’s What you Need to Know Before You Decide

Maybe you’ve heard of Apple’s Lockdown Mode feature and thought its promise of extra-strong protection for your devices sounded pretty good. Or you may have seen the Lockdown Mode option in your Apple device’s setting and wondered what it did. Or maybe you just care about your security and are wondering if this feature will…

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Medical identity theft can have long-lasting, potentially hazardous consequences.

What You Need to Know about Medical Identity Theft (and What to Do if You’re a Victim)

If you’re like most people, you’re probably aware of the concept of identity theft. A criminal gets access to enough of your personal information to pretend to be you. They use that information to open new credit cards, get new loans, or even buy a new car or house in your name. Since it’s in…

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The best antivirus software for you depends on what you need. Here's how to choose.

Find the Best Antivirus Software for You

Computer virus. It’s a scary phrase, conjuring images of hackers in hoodies cracking encryptions, stealing data, and performing great feats of technology that do huge amounts of damage to individuals, businesses, and governments. Though most of our ideas of hackers come from Hollywood blockbusters, computer viruses are unfortunately not fiction. They are everywhere, and they…

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Confirming that you are dealing with a legitimate travel agency is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of your travel plans

Navigating Through the World of Travel: How to Confirm You’re Dealing with a Legitimate Travel Agency

In an era where digital platforms dominate the travel industry, fake travel agencies have found fertile ground to deploy various scams, tricking unsuspecting travelers with seemingly irresistible deals and offerings.  So, how do you avoid falling into these snares? We’ve done the heavy lifting to research guidelines here to help you navigate safely through your…

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Ensuring that you are speaking with a real officer is important for your safety and to avoid potential scams or impersonation.

Steps to Ensure You’re Speaking with a Real Police Officer

When you’re on the road, few things are more stressful than suddenly seeing flashing lights in your rear-view mirror and realizing that you are being pulled over.  The first thing that usually pops into your head is, why? Were you speeding? Are you going to get a ticket for a moving violation of some sort?…

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