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If someone has access to multiple cameras, they can switch between them during a video call to create a false impression.

How Multiple Cameras Can Create Deceptive Video Calls

Although flying cars and teleportation are still imaginative dreams, 21st century technology has advanced so rapidly that many futuristic details imagined in the 1980s have become a reality. For example, the ability to connect with others through live, real-time video streaming.    In recent years, video calls have become a daily reality for many of us.…

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Secure browsing with CyberGhost VPN Chrome Extension

Stay Secure with CyberGhost VPN Chrome Extension

Why Do You Need a VPN? VPNs keep your online activity private by encrypting your traffic and masking your IP address. This prevents your internet service provider (ISP) and others from tracking what you do online. VPNs also help protect your digital privacy. By hiding your true IP address, VPNs prevent companies and governments from…

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Beckly Holmes talks about romance fraud and what most people don't understand about it.

Myths, Misconceptions, and Misunderstandings about Romance Fraud

The media loves to sensationalize romance fraud and scams. Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings. Unless we’ve been a victim of one of these scams, many of us believe inaccurate or completely false things about them. And if we become victims, we discover that these misconceptions make finding support incredibly challenging.…

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Annoying viral requests sent to your facebook

7 most annoying viral requests people post on their Facebook pages

We’ve all experienced annoying viral requests that seem to crop out of nowhere on Facebook. The kid you sat next to in 8th grade Spanish sends you a friend request, and he seems innocuous enough, but you haven’t spoken to him in decades.  Within days, you’re flooded by his posts asking his page visitors for…

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IP Addressing and Converting IP Addresses to Hex

Understanding IP Addressing and How to Convert IP Addresses to Hex

If you’re unfamiliar with number systems like binary and hexadecimal, stay tuned. Understanding how these systems work is key to grasping many technical concepts.  And if you are curious about how to convert IP addresses, this article provides a beginner-friendly explanation of decimal, binary, and hexadecimal numerals. Before you can start converting IP addresses, it’s…

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Section 230 currently grants online platforms immunity from liability for user-generated content.

The Threat of Repealing Section 230 and What it Means for Online Forums

In the early rise of the online age, website and Internet developers were flying blind. The amazing world of possibilities the Internet opened needed regulations, but the tech gurus behind its evolution didn’t want to stifle creativity and free speech, and wanted to ensure the world wide web was free and open to all.    In…

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Tools and Techniques Used in Unmasking Online Identities

Tools and Techniques Used in Unmasking Online Identities

As we collectively increase our social media interactions with strangers, more and more of us may create fictional online identities. For those with benevolent intentions, fake identities can allow us freedom to be ourselves, protect our personal information, and express our thoughts and beliefs on hot-button social issues. However, malevolent users may use bogus identities…

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Selling a scam. How a scam works.

Selling the Scam.

Whereas a successful salesperson is good at selling a product, a successful con artist is good at selling the scam. At the heart of that is the singular skill that really makes a scammer and a salesperson equally successful.

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