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How DNSBLs Work: Avoid Getting Blacklisted

When you open your email client, type a message, and hit “send” it seems so easy. You don’t think about all the processes taking place in the background or security checks being run on your outgoing mail. Most of the time, you don’t even wonder if your message will make it to the recipient, or…

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Stuart Madnick has been in cybersecurity since 1974 and knows a lot about the costs of cyberattacks.

The Cost of Cyberattacks: Minimizing Risk, Minimizing Damage

Most of us view the internet as a useful and benign tool. But in many ways, it’s more like walking down a dark alley. Knowing how to reduce the cost of cyberattacks is important for anyone who uses the internet today. See Minimizing Damage from Cyberattacks with Stuart Madnick for a complete transcript of the…

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How to Keep Your YouTube from getting Demonetized

You finally did it–you hit all of the markers for acceptance in the YouTube Partner program, and you began monetizing your videos. But you live in constant fear of demonetization. You’ve worked so hard toward earning on YouTube. How can you keep demonetization at bay? Initially, you may have seen the YouTube money trickle in–you…

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How to Stay Out of Facebook Jail

Many of us have been there before–behind the proverbial bars of social media punishment. We’re left shocked and reeling, wondering: How did we land in Facebook jail?  Perhaps we shared an article our Uncle Bobby sent us, or tagged someone in a graphic photo who then reported us to Facebook. Facebook flagged our post content…

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Lisa Plaggemier's job is to promote cyber security awareness.

Cyber Security Awareness for Everyone

You can do anything on the internet – shop, bank, meet your future spouse, become famous, and more. But there are also very real risks to being online. Luckily, cyber security awareness isn’t just for IT experts and tech nerds. There are simple security measures anyone can do to make being online safer. See Hackers…

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Cyberbullying Prevention: What Parents Can Do

It’s very easy for anyone to create a fake online profile and say or do mean things online. It’s easy for anyone to become a cyberbully. As parents, our children may face cyberbullying at some point in their lives. It’s important to know about cyberbullying prevention and how to deal with it when it happens.…

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Lost iPhone

Lost iPhone? If It’s Missing, Look Up to the Cloud for Help.

Here’s an important piece of advice: You need to learn what Find My and can do for you BEFORE you misplace or forget your phone somewhere.

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David Cooper founded IPSecure to help provide brand protection online.

Brand Protection: How to Stop Unauthorized Selling of Your Business’s Products

If you sell products online, you’ve probably had issues with counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. Amazon is a favorite platform for malicious sellers. If you take down one unauthorized seller, another one pops up. To deal with this issue, you need a brand protection strategy. See Can You Protect Intellectual Property with David Cooper for a…

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