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Protect Your Credit

Protect Your Credit Accounts: Take the Credit Safety Challenge

Managing one credit card is a responsibility to take seriously. Having multiple credit cards only magnifies the challenge…and opens the door to credit card troubles, especially credit card fraud. Protecting your credit is crucial to avoiding credit fraud and identity theft.

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Josh Bartolomie talks about email security, phishing, and what businesses get wrong about security.

Email Security is the Overlooked Step in Cybersecurity

Cybercriminals these days are doing their homework. They study how companies, organizations, and individuals create emails, and they design theirs to match. It takes time to verify if an email is authentic, and many employees just want to do the task and get it off their plate. Email security isn’t new or flashy or the…

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It's essential for parents to know the potential impact of screen time on their child.

This Is Your Kid On Tech: The Impact of Screen Time on Kids and Teens

Our kids are using screens all the time. No matter how we as parents feel about it, there’s only so much we can do. After all, when even school requires devices to successfully complete homework, becoming a screen-free household just isn’t an option. (Not that we would want to give up our phones and computers…

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The VPNs you can use for your Iphone

What is the Best VPN for iPhone?

With such a vast amount of information and data stored on our iPhones, it is more important than ever to take extra steps to secure our data and online activity. One of the best ways for iPhone users to protect their personal data is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  A VPN creates a…

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Let's look at the research on how different types of technology affect brain development.

How Different Technologies Affect Children’s Brain Development

It seems like kids are always on devices these days. Studies agree – over half of kids under 4 engage with smartphones or tablets on a regular basis. Tweens spend, on average, 4-6 hours per day on screens, and teens can spend more. It’s easy to complain that they should be on them less because…

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How to use VPN on your mobile phone

How to Check if Your VPN is Working on Your Phone

In a world where we increasingly depend on our digital lives for personal and professional activity, threats to our cybersecurity lurk around every online corner. We can use our smartphones for almost everything we need online, but we need to utilize cyber protections to keep ourselves safe. Cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for everyone…

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Doug Shadel talks about how scammer techniques manipulate our emotions.

Scammer Techniques Manipulate Your Emotions

Some scammers thrive off the challenge of deceiving you. Others just view it as a way to make money. Still others are trafficked and forced to scam. But whatever their motivations, scammer techniques all come out of the same playbook. They want you to get emotional as fast as possible. It doesn’t matter if that…

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Ethics of Facial Recognition Technology

Ethical Considerations in Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition software is no longer just the fodder of movies like the Mission:Impossible franchise and Minority Report. Today, it’s used in a wide variety of workspaces, academic institutions, and even as authentication to unlock smartphones. The technology has multiple benefits and can enhance your cybersecurity. However, as facial recognition capabilities evolve, ethical questions about…

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Customizing Blockchain for Cybersecurity

Blockchain’s Role in Cybersecurity: Benefits and Uses

As the digital landscape evolves, the quest for robust cybersecurity solutions has led us to blockchain, a technology that’s redefining the parameters of digital safety and trust.  Imagine a world where keeping records doesn’t depend on one big, central keeper. That’s blockchain for you – a distributed network that says goodbye to the single point…

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Unveiling the Dark Web

Unveiling the Dark Web: Understanding Its Mechanics and Dangers

Like an iceberg, the internet has hidden depths lurking below the surface that most people see. The part we interact with everyday through Google, social media, online shopping, and more is just the tip. But underneath lies the vast deep web and the mysterious dark web – secretive layers with both useful intrigue and sinister…

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Enhance Your Smart Home Security

Enhance Your Smart Home Security: Protect Your IoT Ecosystem

Technology continues to revolutionize our lives in ways that can enhance every aspect of our daily routines. The Internet has become a tool we can’t live without, and influences everything from our social interactions to our banking to the security of our homes. The Internet of Things (IoT) may sound like the name of an…

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Clayton Cranford talks about what parents need to know about children and technology.

Mental Health, Exploitation, and More: What Tech is Doing to Our Kids and Why Parents Need to Know

Nobody thinks it could happen to their family. But assuming it couldn’t happen to you is the worst mistake you can make. We all have blind spots when it comes out our loved ones being in danger because we don’t want to believe it could happen. But all children are affected by technology, and even…

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Strategies for Detection of and Protection From Deepfakes

How to Spot and Protect Yourself Against Deepfakes

For decades, popular science fiction movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Terminator have warned us of the dangers of unregulated AI. However, current AI technology has enormous benefits and can be helpful in every type of busines. AI models like ChatGPT can even help us to become more efficient in our daily lives.…

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Data Breaches Explained

Data Breaches Explained: Understanding the Risks and Responses

If any of your personal information is available online, the chances are, it has been exposed to cybercriminals via a data breach at least once. Most corporations have ways to mitigate this exposure and will inform you if a breach has occurred. However, a disastrous personal data breach can lead to identity fraud and a…

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Back-to-school season means back-to-school scams that target students as well as parents.

Back-to-School Scams to Watch For Right Now

Back-to-school season is in full swing. Students and parents are busy buying books, technology, school uniforms, and college dorm supplies. If you have a school- or college-aged child, you know how crazy this time of year can be. With everything you have going on, you’re probably not thinking about scams. But just like any occasion…

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Instagram's screenshot policies

Do Users Get Notified of Instagram Story Screenshots?

Instagram, a playground of fleeting moments and lasting impressions, is the perfect spot to catch up on the adventures of your favorite people and discover all sorts of eye-catching visuals. But social media often has us playing the detective – especially when it comes to the mysteries of screenshot notifications.  Let’s crack the code on…

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John Buzzard talks about financial fraud prevention and what steps everyone should be taking.

Financial Fraud Protection Tips to Keep Your Accounts Safe

In the past, thieves used to rob banks, break into houses, and steal physical money. But in a largely digital world, it’s much easier for them to sit behind a keyboard and hack their way into your accounts or trick you into handing over your money. But there are financial fraud protection tools out there.…

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Spot Instagram Scams

Spotting and Avoiding Instagram Scams: A Complete Guide

Instagram is beloved by over 1 billion people for sharing visual moments. But where there’s fun, there are also scammers looking to scam. From phishing messages to fake influencers, you really need to watch your back.  Don’t let the scammers steal your money or your precious meme collection! Here’s how to spot sneaky Instagram schemes…

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Blur Out Your House on Google Maps

You Can Blur Out Your House on Google Maps – Should You?

In a world where your digital footprint can be as significant as your real-world impact, the power of Google Maps is undeniable.  Introduced in 2007, Google Maps Street View offers a ground-level perspective of countless urban and rural areas globally. This service, brought to life through vehicles and photographers donning cameras on backpacks, sparked debates…

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Report a Scam Preparation Guide

The Scam Report Preparation Guide

This Scam Report Preparation Guide from helps you prepare to fill out your online report and makes filing a complete and accurate report simpler, faster, and more efficient.

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Digital Footprint

Managing Your Digital Footprint to Reduce Your Online Exposure

In the online world, a digital footprint is the trail and amount of data a person leaves behind on the internet which identifies you. Here are 7 ways to reduce your online exposure.

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How to setup your iPhone’s Emergency SOS Feature

Setting Up Your iPhone’s Emergency SOS Feature

Technology is always changing to meet our needs and solve problems. In 1968, the first-ever 911 call was placed, making it easier for anyone to quickly contact emergency services. In the years since, more technologies have emerged, including the possibility of texting 911 in many areas.  Today’s newer iPhones have an Emergency SOS feature that…

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A History of Federal Privacy Laws

Navigating Online Privacy Laws: What You Need to Know

We talk a lot about taking the right steps to protect your identity, data, and privacy when you are online. Those actions are definitely important, and you should always proceed with caution when you are browsing, shopping, learning, banking, doing business, working, or doing anything else online.  However, you should also know that if you…

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Warning: Scam Alert

FTC: “Fight The Cybercrooks!”

In pursuit of criminals and justice, The FTC shares the details of consumers’ fraud reports with law enforcement agencies and organizations that fight fraud. Your fraud report is valuable to the fight against scams and fraud.

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Dr. Robert Blumofe talks about AI and cybersecurity and how technology is changing risks.

How Cyber Criminals are Using AI (and How We can All Stay Safer)

Artificial intelligence technology can do a lot of really fascinating and useful things. But unfortunately, criminals are discovering that they can use AI to quickly and easily create targeted attacks on both individuals and businesses. And these aren’t always full-scale assaults, either. More often, they’re steady “micro-attacks” that slip under the radar. This means that…

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