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Ways to Know if Someone Is On Dating Sites

There are many ways to know if someone is on dating sites - here are a few.

The rise of technology has changed our day-to-day lives – including how we date. Due to the countless dating sites and apps available today, it’s easy for us to meet and date new people all over the world. However, this can cause problems – and not just of the dating scam variety. For people who are in a relationship, dating sites are an easy way to talk to someone else behind your partner’s back. Committing to someone and finding out they’re still on dating sties is not only disrespectful, many people consider it cheating. Some people wonder if there are ways to know if someone is on dating sites.

Luckily, there are are ways to know if someone is on dating sites. You can be your own private investigator with the following strategies.

1.   Find Someone Using Their Email Address

One of the easiest ways to know if someone is on dating sites is using their email. If you know their email, you can try to log into their account. You don’t even need their password to get some idea.

Once you type the email address into the login screen of the dating site, try to log in. It will give you an error, but what kind of error you get can be a clue. If the error says something like “user not found,” that email address isn’t associated with an account. But if the error says something like “password incorrect,” chances are that email is associated with an active account. Your partner may be meeting other people through that dating site.

You can also reverse search the email address with Social Catfish to see if it’s being used on a dating site. All you need to do is go on their website and type the email that you want to look up into their search bar. Then, sign up for one of their membership plans and wait a few minutes to get your results.

2.   Create an Account on Dating Sites

Even though using their email address is one of the easiest ways to know if someone is on dating sites, it’s not foolproof. Some people are smart and use another email address to hide their online dating activities from their partners. This makes it very challenging to confirm if your partner is on a dating site. 

Fortunately, all is not lost. You can always create an account on these dating sites to see if your partner is there. You can even create a false persona with a fake name and account profile to prevent your partner from suspecting that you’re on the same dating site as them. 

Once you create an account, you can look for your partner with their full name, nickname, or account usernames that they’ve set in their social media profiles. You can use every detail you know about your partner to look for them on these dating sites.

3.   Become a Phone Thief

Knowing our partner’s phone password and letting them know ours isn’t a requirement in a relationship. In fact, it’s best if both people in the relationship have their own privacy, especially when it comes to using their smartphones. 

But another one of the ways to know if someone is on dating sites is to snoop on their phone. This is one of the more common ways people try to check into their partner’s online dating activities.

Once you have their smartphone in your hands, you can browse through their apps and look for any dating apps. You can also check the folders to see if any apps are hidden from the home screen. Some smartphone models have features that allow users to hide apps in ways that require passwords and fingerprints to unlock, so you can look for those as well.

Social Catfish is Here to Help!

Finding out whether or not your partner is on dating sites is important because it significantly affects the level of trust in the relationship. It’d be challenging for us to trust our partners again if they deny their activity on dating sites, and then we later find them messaging other people. 

If you suspect your partner is talking to other people through dating sites, you can also run a reverse search with Social Catfish. All you need to do is look up any name, email address, phone number, social media username, or image to see if the person in question has a hidden dating profile. No phone thievery required!


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