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If You're STILL Not Using a VPN, You Must Read This.

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Here's how you can use the Web the way it was intended: with access to content from any websites in the world, from wherever you are.

But Internet freedom is only part of it. You also want to be safe, with peace of mind knowing that NO ONE can intercept your data, eavesdrop on your Internet activity, or trace any email or blog posts back to you...whether that's an airport or hotel hacker, or a government censor or spy.

What you need is a simple way to keep them out of your computer.

You can thwart anyone (even advertisers) from tracking your Internet activity and more by signing up for a reliable virtual private network...a VPN.

Maybe you've heard that there are free proxy services that let you access some blocked content online and offer some security. But for better speed and security, you need a top-rated VPN.

A VPN service such as HideMyAss is precisely the solution you

How does it work?

You won't believe how simple it is. A virtual private network lets you use the entire Internet as if it's your own private network. As a result, you get high security and exclusive access to content that you normally would be blocked from seeing.

  • You don't switch Internet service. A VPN is an online service. You simply open an account, download their software and then get back online.
  • It's very affordable for the safety and flexibility you get.
  • A good VPN account works for computers, smartphones and other devices.

Just be sure to choose a good service.*

No one can block you. No one can find you.

Have you worried about accessing Web content at work, at school or internationally? And do stories—true stories!—about Internet snoopers and hackers worry you?

With a VPN, you're in control.

  • No hacker can read your data as it travels because VPN software encrypts your data—turns it into unreadable code—and gives you total privacy online.
  • Read content from other countries. Want to view content from other countries? You can...virtually. If you're looking for blocked content from abroad, all you have to do is choose your virtual "nation" from a choice of countries.

Why you should think about a VPN.

Think of your VPN as using a P.O. box to get regular mail instead of at your home address—even the U.S. Postal Service wouldn't know where you really are. In the same way, when you use a VPN, even if someone wanted to trace your location, they couldn't. The only ISP address they'd get is one from your VPN...which could be in another city, state or country!

That's because a good VPN is available to people all over the world. So that means if you travel, even to a foreign country, your secret Internet tunnel is available to you with a click of your mouse.

  • Some countries block content from coming in and going out by blocking IP addresses and websites. But a VPN helps you get around that. If you're in a foreign country and want to see a video from your home country, you can do it with a VPN. You simply choose a VPN that has a server in that country.

Your IP address gives your location (and computer) away.

Here's how a good VPN fools everyone:

Right now, the computer you use tells a website to send information right back to your computer's electronic (ISP) address.

But not when you use a VPN. Instead of your computer giving out its real IP address, your VPN switches it to a that you're borrowing from them. When you go online and log in to your VPN account, your actual IP address is invisible to the world.

So anything want to see on the Internet—any emails you're getting or results from a Google search—are first delivered to your virtual "P.O. box"—the borrowed IP address. After that, all content you have requested is forwarded to you, instantly and securely.

It works the other way around too. Anything you send out goes through your VPN first.

VPN. It means safety.

If you choose a good VPN service, your address will stay a total secret with them. So a curious government censor or eavesdropper would have no idea you're not where they think you are.

And what about Internet spies, snoopers and hackers? Even they can't trace your emails, blog posts, YouTube posts or anything else back to your real location. They won't be able to find out what city or neighborhood you're in!

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