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Parental Control Software: The Best Ones for Protecting Kids Online

The internet has became a monster.
Every day and every minute. It is the biggest influence on your childrens’ thoughts, dominates their time, steals their focus and lures them into a world that’s more illusion than reality.

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What Parents Need to Know About Popular Apps Their Kids Are Using

Three Popular Apps Not Safe for Kids: Instagram, Discord, Snapchat

Here are three well-known social media platforms that are readily available to kids (and predators) to know about. They could easily land them into trouble, according to the website,

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A person deciding whether to answer or decline a phone call that could be a bank scammer

Bank Failures, Bank Runs, and Scammers

When First Republic Bank of San Francisco failed in early May, 2023, it was less than two months after the failures of both Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.  These newsworthy failures are the first banks to fail since 2020. Additionally, according to the FDIC, there have been 566 bank failures since 2000.  Although Signature…

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The Ashley Madison Scandal Resurfaces

When Ashley Madison, the dating website for cheaters, launched in 2002, it was seen as a fringe space for clandestine affairs. However, by 2015, the site claimed 31.5 million members and boasted international, high-profile recognition.  Despite a questionable mission — to foster and facilitate infidelity — Ashley Madison was primed to “go public” and hoped…

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A hacker using a computer virus for cyber attack

What is a Cyber Attack?

The words cyber attack can cause a racing heart and sweaty palms for anyone who uses the internet. Warnings of these attacks seem to greet us at every turn, and safety precautions when we’re online have become increasingly vital to our security. Cyber criminals look for increasingly sophisticated ways to infiltrate our personal files and…

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Enhanced Safe Browsing can help keep you safer online - but it comes with trade-offs that may not be worth it for some people.

Should I Turn On Enhanced Safe Browsing? Exploring Google’s Improved Safety Feature

There are a lot of really great things on the internet. But there are also a lot of risks. Even something as simple as visiting a less-than-honest website could open you up to the dangers of phishing and malware. So people who find out about new protection options often want to enable them to protect…

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Two women realizing they were scammed online during a humanitarian crisis

How Online Scammers Take Advantage of Humanitarian Crises

Unfortunately, global, national, and local humanitarian crises are mostly out of our control. A hurricane or a tornado hits and wipes out an entire town. A pandemic strikes worldwide and millions are left suffering. Often, this brings out the best in humanity — common people band together to help those in need. However, crises also…

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Dangers Online. Are You On The Safepath?

There are Dangers Online. How Can You Get On the Safe Path?

You could lower the risk of running into any troubles online, and get on the Safepath, with just a handful of steps that are fairly simple to do, meaning not very technical.

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