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Online Safety

What are you doing to make the internet work for you?

What Does Your Online Profile Look Like?

Like anything else, the Internet has its rewards and it has its inherent risks. You can make it fit perfectly into your lifestyle and activities, from arranging meetings and gym workouts; filling your calendar; reading and watching education videos; to attending virtual meetings.That’s how you develop an online profile.

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The Dangerous Evolution of Ransomware

The phrase “ransomware” strikes terror into the figurative hearts of corporate heads and IT professionals. A dark, malevolent cloud seems to hang over every ransomware mention or sighting. Even for the average internet user, ransomware sounds like a black plague of data, and something to avoid at all costs. The fear is valid–ransomware targets unsuspecting…

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Boy holding sign that reads: Family killed by ninjas. Need money for karate lessons.

Crazy Scams that People Actually Fell For

There are always people eager to make fast and easy money and
lonely adults are always looking for romance online. That’s why even crazy scams work.

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How Someone Can Find Your IP Address and What They Can Do With it

You’re enjoying a night at home — binge-watching Law & Order:SVU. You feel relaxed, comfy, and happy. Suddenly, there’s a loud knock at your door, and you open it to find several FBI agents standing on your porch. They inform you that your IP address has been linked to criminal activity, and they have a…

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What Happens If Your Investment Account Gets Hacked

You spend most of your adult life saving for retirement, assuming that the money you put away in an investment account or a 401(k) will be safe. But your investment account is like your bank account or any other online account you have. It can be hacked. If someone gains access to it, they can…

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How to Stay Out of Facebook Jail

Many of us have been there before–behind the proverbial bars of social media punishment. We’re left shocked and reeling, wondering: How did we land in Facebook jail?  Perhaps we shared an article our Uncle Bobby sent us, or tagged someone in a graphic photo who then reported us to Facebook. Facebook flagged our post content…

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Keystroke Logging: How to Keep Yourself Safe from a Keylogger

There’s seemingly no end to the way cybercriminals can attack you and your personal data. One type of attack that’s been used for decades and is still prevalent is keylogging. Imagine if everything you typed on your keyboard or tapped on your mobile device’s keyboard was recorded and stored somewhere and someone can read all…

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What is Stalkerware? How to Protect Yourself from Getting Pawned by Online Prowlers

Netflix’s You has changed the face of stalkers. In it, former Gossip Girl star Penn Badgely plays Joe Goldberg, a lovable rom-com hero who just happens to also be a deranged serial-killing stalker. There are more Joe Goldbergs out there than you might think and they are taking advantage of technological advancements to take their…

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