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Online Safety

How to Protect Your iPhone

How to Secure Your iPhone Against iMessage Vulnerabilities

Have you heard about the Operation Triangulation attacks that targeted iPhones from 2019-2023? According to Kaspersky, a somewhat controversial Russian cybersecurity software company, Operation Triangulation is a previously known hardware vulnerability in iPhones that was exploited through iMessage by sophisticated cybercriminals.  Kaspersky itself was attacked through this incredibly sophisticated attack. Their researchers conducted extensive analysis to…

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Think Before Talking On Your Phone in Public places

Using Your Phone in Public: Etiquette, Safety, and Security Risks

Our phones go everywhere with us. Many of us treat our phones as an extension of ourselves. We use them for work, fun, social connections, information, and so much more. Whether you’re someone who prefers texting, scrolling social media, talking on the phone, listening to music, or simply having the ability to look up anything…

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If you’re having issues with your router, putting aluminum foil behind it may provide a quick fix.

Why You Should Put Aluminum Foil Behind Your Router

In the days before the Internet and Wi-Fi services, people used aluminum foil to increase the strength of their TV or radio antennas. Aluminum foil could provide an amazing solution when a dark and stormy night threatened to disrupt the Super Bowl or a breaking news story. Today, you may scoff at the idea of…

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How to spot fake ads online

How to Identify Fake Ads Online and Avoid Scams

Have you ever come across an ad online, started to click on its link, and then realize something seems … a bit off? As cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated and more brazen, Internet phishing schemes masked as legitimate links can fool even the most tech savvy among us. Bad online actors may reel us in through…

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How Criminals Are Cracking Passwords in Seconds Using AI

AI-Powered Hackers: How Criminals Are Cracking Passwords in Seconds Using AI

Cybercriminals are leveraging recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge their efforts to compromise login credentials. AI tools provide the ability to automate password cracking on an unprecedented scale, posing serious threats to online security. Hackers are now using AI to crack passwords in seconds that would have previously taken years. AI Dramatically Speeds…

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How to avoid people tracking your phone

Don’t Let People Track Your Phone with These Steps

Protecting your personal information today requires a lot more effort than it used to! It seems like there are always new ways for scammers to access your information, including your passwords, log-in credentials, banking information, credit or debit card numbers, and even your Social Security number. Keeping stopping phone tracking is one of the many steps you…

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Can Doorbell Cameras Be Hacked?

Can Doorbell Cameras Be Hacked?

Rapid advances in technology have allowed us to incorporate cool new toys and tools into our daily lives. The doorbell camera is no exception. Gone are the days of staring out your peephole or even opening your front door without knowing who lurks on the other side. Doorbell cameras aren’t relegated to large mansions, either.…

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Troubleshooting steps you can take to connect to VPN on Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting: Why Isn’t My VPN Connecting on Wi-Fi?

You’re at an airport, and you need to email confidential, time-sensitive data to your boss. Suddenly, your VPN (Virtual Private Network) won’t allow you to connect to the airport’s Wi-Fi network. Your palms sweat, you feel ice coursing through your veins — you don’t want to get fired, but you can’t send these vital documents…

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