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Online Safety

Figure in gray hood and a painted skull mask making “shh” gesture with his forefinger

How to Know if You’re a Victim of People Hacking (aka Social Engineering)

Have you ever received an “Important Message Alert!” or “Warning: Your Computer is at Risk” pop-up while on a random website?  Or, have you ever fallen prey to the “IRS is coming to arrest you” phone calls?  Most people detect these scams before they can wreak major harm, but they exist because some people fall…

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Zelle payment scams

It’s not a Zelle Scam, Just Scammers Who Want You to Use Zelle

Beware of any calls you get to talk about Zelle and fraud, even it’s from your “bank.” There’s nothing wrong with Zelle), but scammers are getting victims to pay them money from their Zelle accounts.

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Google and Yubikey

How Did Google Stop Phishing Attacks on Employees?

Google was experiencing ongoing troubles with employees being fooled, tricked, duped and hacked by scammers. Scammer’s were getting employees to somehow provide their login credentials, or at least the part the scammer needed.

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Two-Factor Authentication: Worry-Free

How to Beat Scammers and Phishers at Their Own Game!

2FA is an extra step at login that ensures only you can log into your accounts, EVEN IF someone has your username and password!

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What are you doing to make the internet work for you?

What Does Your Online Profile Look Like?

Like anything else, the Internet has its rewards and it has its inherent risks. You can make it fit perfectly into your lifestyle and activities, from arranging meetings and gym workouts; filling your calendar; reading and watching education videos; to attending virtual meetings.That’s how you develop an online profile.

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The Dangerous Evolution of Ransomware

The phrase “ransomware” strikes terror into the figurative hearts of corporate heads and IT professionals. A dark, malevolent cloud seems to hang over every ransomware mention or sighting. Even for the average internet user, ransomware sounds like a black plague of data, and something to avoid at all costs. The fear is valid–ransomware targets unsuspecting…

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Boy holding sign that reads: Family killed by ninjas. Need money for karate lessons.

Crazy Scams that People Actually Fell For

There are always people eager to make fast and easy money and
lonely adults are always looking for romance online. That’s why even crazy scams work.

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How Someone Can Find Your IP Address and What They Can Do With it

You’re enjoying a night at home — binge-watching Law & Order:SVU. You feel relaxed, comfy, and happy. Suddenly, there’s a loud knock at your door, and you open it to find several FBI agents standing on your porch. They inform you that your IP address has been linked to criminal activity, and they have a…

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