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Run a Reverse Image Search to Verify a Tinder Profile

Verify a Tinder profile by running a reverse image search with Social Catfish.

Online dating can be a fun way to pass the time. It can also be a way to meet potential partners. But it’s also full of catfishers, scams, and people you just don’t connect with. Maybe it gets as far as a first date and you discover the person doesn’t look at all like their pictures. Or maybe they stole a real person’s photos to catfish you and steal your money. Being able to verify a Tinder profile can go a long way towards avoiding those problems.

Or maybe your situation is a little different. Perhaps you suspect your significant other is on dating sites behind your back. Or you worry your teenager is on Tinder even though they’re not allowed. Confirming your suspicions before you bring it up is more likely to get you honest answers.

In cases like these, being able to verify a Tinder profile is an essential skill. You can make sure everything your match told you about themselves is true. Or you can find out if your partner is being unfaithful or your teenager is ignoring your rules. You can do that with about half an hour of Googling if you know the right approach! 

The History of Tinder 

Tinder is one of the most popular (or notorious) dating apps out there. Signing up is easy, simple, and takes just a few minutes. You can build your profile however you like and start swiping without an issue. 

The problem with Tinder’s easy sign-up and usage, however, is that there are a lot of catfishes, predators, and unfaithful individuals active on the site. Dating online is risky business, and people are waking up to this fact now. 

Start With Their Photos 

If you need to verify a Tinder profile, take a screenshot. Crop out any logos, text, and information that isn’t part of the actual photo. In the case of a spouse, friend, or errant teenager, just take a photo you have of them. Make sure their face is clear in both cases.

Run it through Social Catfish’s reverse image search engine, and work with the results you get. 

Verify a Tinder Profile with Social Catfish

Once you use Social Catfish to run a reverse image search on the photos, you’ll be given multiple social media profiles, dating sites, and maybe even a website or two. Your next step is to comb through possible social media profiles you suspect are owned by your errant teenager, partner, or future date. 

If their social media profiles are vague or look fake, you can still find a way to get to their real identity. Comb through their Instagram followers. Chances are they follow their real Instagram ID and it follows the fake ID back. Another way is to see who is commenting under their Facebook and Instagram posts and going on their social media. There is a possibility that they will have a presence on their pages, especially if you find a best friend or a work colleague. 

Ask Them for Their Name 

Many women might be reluctant to give you their full name to stay safe. But if you can find the name of your future date or already have the name, you can combine that and the photo to narrow down the results. 

Many Tinder profiles will have an attached Spotify or Instagram account. You can use that to look for other social media, since most people use the same username everywhere. 

Good Luck! 

It’s not ideal to have to verify someone’s identity this way, doubt the honesty of someone you like or are already involved with, and go to such lengths to make sure you’re not being lied to. But everyone must do what they can to stay safe.

Social Catfish is a tool to help you do just that. If you really need to verify a Tinder profile, give them a try.


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