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VPNs and Proxies

Websites can block your access or track your online activity by your IP address. Even though websites cannot identify you by name through your IP address, they can still determine what you like to do online.

The articles listed below present different ways to hide your IP address and stay under the radar.

  1. What is a firewall?
  2. How Internet firewalls work
  3. What are hubs, routers and gateways?
  4. What is a subnet?
  5. What is a DHCP?
  6. What is NAT?
  7. What is Port?
  8. What is Port Forwarding?
  9. What is a Gateway?
  10. What does Link-Local Mean?
  11. What's the difference between a router and a modem?
  12. How to optimize a home network
  13. How to get more performance from your router
  14. Keeping your Router Safe
  15. What is a Router?
  16. What is Broadband Modem?
  17. How to keep your home network safe
  18. What is a MAC address?
  19. How do I change my MAC address?