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Networking Basics: Learn How Networks Work

Penetration testing is a proactive and systematic approach to evaluating the security of an organization's information systems, networks, and applications.

Why Penetration Testing is Crucial for Effective Cybersecurity

In an era where cyber threats are a constant risk rather than a possibility, businesses cannot afford to be complacent about cybersecurity. This is why it is crucial that you understand what pentesting is. Penetration testing, also known as “pen testing,” serves as a vital diagnostic tool to identify and resolve security weaknesses before hackers…

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Autonomous System Numbers explained

What are Autonomous System Numbers (ASN) on the Internet?

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigns every Autonomous System (AS) on the internet a 16-digit Autonomous System Number (ASN).  This identification number is what allows independent systems on the internet to both control the routing information within their own networks and exchange routing information with other ISPs.  In order to understand the Autonomous System…

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URL vs URI explained

What Is the Difference Between URL and URI?

Even though most people aren’t going to need to know the difference between a URL and a URI, it really matters in a few specific situations!  Understanding the difference between URL vs. URI is important in a number of contexts, especially for web developers, IT professionals, and anyone working with internet technologies.  URL vs. URI:…

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A person using a laptop displaying Antivirus Software

What is Antivirus Software?

The first computer virus, known as the Creeper Program, was created as a security measure to test self-replicating computer code. The aptly-named Creeper accidentally infiltrated computer hard drives in 1971, and then it tried to remove itself — its intent wasn’t malicious.  Sadly, since that time, intentional viruses have become increasingly sophisticated. They are a…

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A man looking frustrated over MAC address spoofing while using his computer

What is MAC Address Spoofing?

You hear about new types of cyber attacks almost daily. As soon as information security experts have figured out how to deal with one threat, another pops up. One of the latest tricks used by hackers is called MAC address spoofing. MAC spoofing can be used to steal private data from unsuspecting victims. If you…

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A person searching in his laptop to find the ip address of a website

3 Quick Ways to Find the IP Address of a Website

Without an IP address, we would all scream into the Internet abyss, and no one would hear us. Interactive websites, social media, and video platforms wouldn’t exist. IP (Internet Protocol) addresses allow us easy access to the Internet. Although we’re each assigned an address, for websites, IP addresses hold paramount importance.  You can glean a…

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A person browsing a website through his laptop

What is a Virtual IP Address and How to Get One

Even those of us who don’t work in IT or a tech-related field might recognize the term IP address (Internet Protocol Address). Although we may not be clear on the many forms an IP address can take, we probably know that everyone who utilizes the Internet has an assigned IP. So what is a virtual…

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Multiple ethernet cables connected to a switch

What Is Ethernet?

When it comes to dealing with Internet device connections and networks, most of us have at least heard of the technological terminology involved. USB cables, WiFi, routers, and ethernet connections are used by everyone — even when we don’t necessarily understand how they work.  When discerning what connections will work best for your needs, you…

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