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How to Protect Your Company Against Supply Chain Attacks

With the tidal wave of supply chain attacks in the last few years (think SolarWinds and NotPetya), companies need to be more wary than ever about who they trust to make their software. The stakes are high. If you’re like most organizations, you can’t produce all of your software in-house. That means you’ll have to…

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8 Settings to Change on Your Router Before You Even Turn it On

You can have the most secure device, be committed to cybersecurity, and still get hacked. Why? It could be simple changes you didn’t make to your router when you got it. When your cable company or ISP sets up your Internet they’re rushing to finish up and head to their next client. You’re likely more…

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Funny AF Wi-fi Names and Passwords

Modern life requires a lot of mental capacity to remember dozens of user IDs and passwords. You end up with random post-it notes you can’t seem to find. You’re constantly getting blocked from your own accounts because you can’t remember the genius string of letters and numbers that was so good you forgot it.  So,…

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Dropped Connection

New WiFi Routers Will Keep You Connected

The days of weak wireless signals at home may be a thing of the past. Nothing is more frustrating than having a weak, inconsistent and troublesome Wi-Fi network at home, because today’s households (working moms and dads, active kids, involved young adults) rely more on their smart devices and laptops than they do on their…

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Changing IP Address

You’ll be amazed at what can happen. The more you learn about why people want to hide their IP addresses, the more you should be convinced to give it a try yourself. Just in case you’re new to this topic, there are more than a few reasons you might want to hide your IP addresses…

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Make Your Router Security Strong Enough to Keep Hackers Out

Wireless Network Security

Most of us are so happy to have the convenience of wireless networks that we tend to overlook the fact that they are very unsecure. For example, with a wired network, you have to be directly connected to the network. But with a wireless network—where the connection is made possible by a radio signal—anyone within…

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What is Wireless Internet Service?

Wireless Internet

Broadband internet service is a form of high-speed internet access. In fact, the name “broadband” has come to be synonymous with high-speed internet use in general. Since speed is measured by bit rate, the number of bits processed per unit of time, broadband internet service is defined as being 256 kbit/s (kilobits per second) or…

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Wireless Network Terms

Setting up a wireless network for the first time. If you haven’t set up a wireless network at home yet, you should give it some thought. With the advances of technology over the past several years, it has gotten pretty easy to set one up. But more than that, because so many people these days…

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