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Find Someone’s Tinder Profile: A Search Guide

Tinder may not have a search function, but you can still find someone's profile on Tinder.

Have you been suspicious of your significant other’s increased phone use lately as they hide what they are doing from you? Maybe your child is reluctant to let you see their phone and you want to know why. Or maybe you’re using the app and your finger slipped, swiping left on someone that could’ve been your soulmate. Many people sign up for dating apps without their loved ones even knowing for a variety of reasons, with Tinder being one of the most popular apps people sign up for. If you’re at all suspicious that your child or lover might be on a dating app behind your back, here is how to find someone’s profile on Tinder. 

Are You Able to Search for People on Tinder?

While many people wish that there was a search bar embedded into the app, unfortunately we can not search for someone directly on Tinder. Even though you can’t search for people directly on the Tinder app, there are some loopholes where you can find out if someone is on Tinder. 

How to Find Someone’s Profile on Tinder

Make Some Adjustments To Your Discovery Preferences

If you know someone like the back of your hand, it will be pretty easy to find them on Tinder once you’ve adjusted your discovery preferences. 

By adjusting age, gender, and location preferences to the person you are trying to look for, it’s only a matter of time before they will show up on your feed. Just continue to swipe on Tinder until you find the person you are looking for. 

Make Sure Your Tinder Location Settings Are Accurate

If you know where the person you are looking for resides, match your location settings to where they are located. You can even download a few apps on the App Store to change your phone’s GPS settings. 

However, make sure you do your research on app reviews before downloading one of these apps. You can also pay for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold which gives you access to Tinder Passport so that you can change your location to wherever you want in the world. 

Put Their Name Into Tinder’s URL

Some Tinder profiles are displayed through a URL that contains their name or username in it. If you type in the URL “,” you might be able to find who you are looking for on Tinder. 

If you aren’t sure what username the person might choose, look at their social media profiles to see what usernames they have used in the past. But if none of these options work, don’t get discouraged! There is one more way you can find someone’s profile on Tinder. 

Perform a Tinder Username or Name Search with Social Catfish

If none of these methods work, you can also perform a username social search with Social Catfish. To do this, go onto Social Catfish’s website and click on the Username or Name option in the search bar. 

Then, type the username or name of the person you would like to find on Tinder. Click search and wait a few minutes for your result. Then, sign up for our social membership plan to gain access to your results! Perform a reverse search with Social Catfish today.


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