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Symantec PC Anywhere Review

Symantec PC Anywhere is a software program that allows for the remote access of a computer. Like in any connection there is a client and a host, and both must have the software installed for the remote access to be possible. The connection is made by the client computer to the host computer via the host’s IP address over an internet network. The software utilizes login encryption with mandatory password protection in order to ensure that only an authorized pcAnywhere client can access a host. Once the host computer has been accessed, the client is able to transfer data files. The client is also able to access vital operating systems on the host system such as Command Prompt and Task Manager.

The Good

The basic premise behind Symantec PC Anywhere, that one computer can remote access another, is revolutionizing the way we troubleshoot our computer problems. You no longer need to schedule an Internet Technology (IT) associate to evaluate your computer when problems occur. Nor do you have to attempt such an evaluation over the phone. By allowing remote access, the PC Anywhere software provides a method for exploring, diagnosing, and resolving most of computer issues from a location other than your desk. IT departments and office personnel no longer need to be placed under one roof and, as a result of this software, are streamlining their workload and productivity. Help-desk and server support issues can now be readily resolved from various remote locations whenever the need arises. In a nutshell, PC Anywhere give network administrators the remote management tools necessary to figure out what is wrong with a computer faster than ever before.

Symantec PC Anywhere also provides secure access for file transfer between a client and host computer. And as newer versions of PC Anywhere are released, this feature becomes faster and more efficient. The beauty of this enhanced file transfer is that not only does it accelerate helpdesk and server-support problem resolutions, it is also advantageous for telecommuting work (which was, in fact, the original purpose behind the creation of PC Anywhere). Today the enhanced security features of the software provide for more safe and secure telecommuting work. This, in turn, is expanding the capabilities for diversified business in a similarly diversifying employment sector.

The Bad

There are a few things about Symantec PC Anywhere that don’t appeal to everyone. First, the software has no browser-based control. Even after all the different upgraded versions (the latest is PC Anywhere 11.0) PC Anywhere still doesn’t offer a browser-enabled version. PC Anywhere Express, an extremely old version will allow the Internet Explorer browser to connect to any PC Anywhere host computer. However, it is ancient software found only on CD. To date, Symantec has not yet fully supported the idea of browser-enabled remote access. Therefore a software competitor, GoToMyPC, currently has this niche of the market.

Another negative review about Symantec PC Anywhere is that it favors large businesses and, as each new edition is released, it continues to do so. Symantec PC Anywhere is aimed at business IT departments, especially their help desk support services. This makes is less and less useful for inside the home, unless of course you are utilizing the software for telecommuting.

Finally, Symantec PC Anywhere has a pricey technical support resource. If you are running into difficulties using the software, a call to Symantec will cost you $29.95 per incident or $2.95 per minute. It is also only available 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday, so forget about seeking help during the weekend. It makes sense when you consider that the software is intended for businesses and their workweek. However, small business and home use necessitates computer work during the weekend, so the lack of technical support available to them is a considerable disappointment by the PC Anywhere software.

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