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Top Cybersecurity Experts to follow on Twitter

Cybersecurity Experts to Follow on Twitter

Need to know the latest on viruses, malware, privacy, data breaches, IoT, threat intelligence, etc in 280 characters or less? is here to help!

Twittersphere is full of security experts, researchers, and hobbyists who are more than eager to share their thoughts, news, and researches on information security, industry best practices and latest threats.

To keep you informed, we’ve created a list of the biggest Twitter influencers (in no particular order):

  • Brian Krebs (@briankrebs)

    Krebs, an American independent investigative reporter, and NYT bestselling author, is one of the most popular and respected voices in security. Although he launched his career as a reporter for The Washington Post and authored over 1,300 blog posts for the Security Fix blog, his interest in cybersecurity was sparked after his entire home network was taken over by a Chinese hacking group. His blog, which mainly focuses on computer security and cybercrime, has won 12 awards. Brian’s Twitter account discusses security vulnerabilities and current InfoSec issues.

  • Yevgeny Valentinovich Kaspersky (@e_kaspersky)

    Eugene Kaspersky (as he is better known), is the Russian cybersecurity expert, co-founder, and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, an IT security company founded in 1997. His interest in IT security began when his PC was infected with the Cascade virus while working for the Ministry of Defense, and he developed a program to remove it. An industry figure with more than two decade’s experience fighting malware and other cyber threats, he regularly tweets interesting and educational content from his personal and company blog, as well as other InfoSec sources, mixing in information about security and his travels.

  • Bruce Schneier (@schneierblog)

    Schneier is an internationally known security technologist and was dubbed as the “Security Guru” by The Economist. He is a board member of EFF, Access Now and the Tor Project; a special advisor to IBM Security; and the CTO at IBM Resilient. Bruce is a regular television and radio guest and has also testified before Congress. He shares his knowledge and experience on cybersecurity through his newsletter, blog, and 13 books – including, “Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World.” His tweets, which regularly link back to his blog, are primarily about tech and surveillance, and how they impact businesses.

  • Graham Cluley (@gcluley)

    Cluley has been fighting to make cyberspace a safer place since the ‘90s, assisting law enforcement agencies in investigating hacking groups. A prolific public speaker, he has appeared on several radio and television shows and spoken at events like Web Summit InfoSec, Microsoft Future Decoded, and the European Internet Security Forum. Notably, he wrote the first-ever version of “Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows.” and was inducted into the InfoSecurity Europe Hall of Fame. Graham’s blog and tweets about the latest industry news, malware, and social media hoaxes appeal to both general public and security geeks alike.

  • The Grugq (@thegrugq)

    TheGrugq is only known by his online pseudonym. Although he doesn’t share his real name, he is a well-known and respected independent information security consultant and anti-forensic Researcher. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, he has worked with Fortune 100 companies, leading security firms, start-ups, and the public sector. He has been quoted and referenced in The NYT, Wired, and VICE. His blog and tweets range from the funny to the highly technical.

  • Shira Rubinoff (@shirastweet)

    Shira is one of the most prominent female cybersecurity experts and authority on the human factors of information technology and security. The president of Green Armor Solutions, Rubinoff was named a “Woman of Influence” and honored with the One-to-Watch Award by The Executive Women’s Forum and CSO Magazine. She has lectured and published on topics related to cybersecurity and psychology.

  • Chris Parker (@chrispcritters)

    Chris has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and is the founder and chief marketing technologist of, the leading IP address look-up site. He shares his diverse background in developing dynamic content websites, marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship on his personal blog. Parker writes and tweets about IP address tools and insights, as well as online privacy, security, and safety. He shares the latest industry news in a plain-speak manner that’s appealing to even a non-technical audience.

  • Troy Hunt (@troyhunt)

    Troy is a software architect, Pluralsight author, and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security. He is also the creator of haveibeenpwned, a website that allows internet users to check if their personal data has been compromised by data breaches. Hunt, who regularly speaks at technology conferences and events around the world, focuses mainly on cybersecurity, technology, and the cloud. He tweets often about software and app security and network attacks.

  • Mikko Hypponen (@mikko)

    Hypponen, a columnist, and renowned TED speaker, is also the chief research officer at F-Secure. He has received a lot of awards including being named in the list of the 50 Most Influential People on the web by PC Magazine. He’s led numerous efforts to defeat notorious security breaches and viruses, A consultant to several governments on information security, his wide-ranging and occasionally technical tweets focus on IT security news relevant to governments and enterprises. He also shares a lot of articles from the F-Secure blog where he has worked for more than two decades.

  • Martin McKeay (@mckeay)

    McKeay is an American computer security expert and blogger who works as a security evangelist for Akamai Technologies. His blog and podcast are some of the most popular and longest-standing security information sources: He’s almost interviewed everyone in the industry or invited them as co-hosts on his show. Martin usually tweets about cybercrime, with a fair bit of security-based humor.

  • Brian Honan (@BrianHonan)

    Honan is the founder of Ireland’s Computer Security Incident Response Team and a contributor to the SANS Institute. A published author and expert in the field of information security, you’ll see Brian presenting at leading industry conferences around the world, including Irisscon, the annual Irish cybercrime conference he established. He regularly tweets about data security, as well as online vulnerabilities and breaking InfoSec stories.

  • Sophie Daniel (@HydeNS33k)

    Daniel, known by her pseudonym Jek Hyde, is among the most notable penetration testers, having live-tweeted a physical pen-test in 2017. An expert in social engineering security assessments—including physical, voice (vishing) and text (phishing)—companies hire Sophie to break into their company and report back on security incidents and vulnerabilities.

  • Chris Hoff (@beaker)

    With more than 100,000 tweets, Hoff is one of the most prolific tweeters and respected security voices when it comes to virtualization and the cloud. He is the vice president and security chief technology officer at Juniper Network; the founder of the CloudAudit Project and the HacKid conference. He is also a founding member of, and technical advisor, to the Cloud Security Alliance. Given that the cloud is one of the hottest topics in security, Chris’s expertise and insights are in high demand.

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