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Easy Prey Podcast

Staying Safe While Traveling Internationally

Traveling internationally can be an incredible experience or a long-lasting nightmare. Asher Fergusson has tips to keep your trip on the incredible side of the scale. See How to Travel Safely with Asher Fergusson for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode. Asher grew up in Sydney, Australia. He received a scholarship to…

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Fix Your Credit Here

Credit Repair Scams Alert: How to Improve Your Credit and Stay Safe.

A credit repair company is not in the business of reviving, improving or boosting your credit score. While your credit score might improve a bit with the help of a credit repair company, that’s not their goal.

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Scams by Generation

The Scams by Generation Will Surprise You

Roll back the clock forty years ago, and the senior citizens of that day were likely the most targeted age group. Today, however, technology and societal interaction has changed that.

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Building a Scammer Free Professional Network with Ken Rutkowski

We all have limited resources when it comes to time, money, and energy so in a world where people can create fake personas online, how can you be a part of a community that weeds out imposters?  Today’s guest is Ken Rutkowski. Ken is a business talk radio personality, innovative strategist, international speaker, and the…

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How to Donate Wisely and Avoid Charity Scams with Laurie Styron

Some organizations may use misleading language or pressure you as they solicit for a donation and this can cause distrust. Research is needed to make sure your money is going to the charity of choice and not a predator preying on your emotions. Today’s guest is Laurie Styron. Laurie was appointed the Executive Director of…

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Internet Defamation with Kenton Hutcherson

With the sense of anonymity, people often post false claims, lies, and private information that can impact a person’s livelihood. Illegal content such as copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, and defamation are on the rise on the internet. But there is something to be done about it.  Today’s guest is Kenton Hutcherson. Kenton is an…

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Women’s Safety Tips with Jessa Russell

Safety in public spaces can be complex. There are things that you can do to be prepared and alert in all situations. Techniques can be used to distract someone long enough to escape, no matter the size of the attacker.  Today’s guest is Lieutenant Jessa Russell. Lieutenant Russell serves as the Community Relations Officer for…

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20 Ways You Are Ruining Your Credit

For most people, figuring out how our credit score is calculated is a black box. Learning what impacts your credit score gives you flexibility to change it. Here are twenty ways you are ruining your credit.  Today’s guest is Steve Snyder. Steve is an author, speaker, and one of the top personal finance commentators in…

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