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Easy Prey Podcast

Professional mentalist Mark Edward talks about situational awareness, critical thinking, and the differences between psychics, magicians, and mentalists.

Situational Awareness: Lessons from a Professional Mentalist

Many of us had a time when we were interested in magic tricks, or have seen a really good magic trick performed. But an understanding of magic, misdirection, and the psychology behind the tricks can provide more skills than just pulling rabbits out of hats. Learning the underlying principles behind psychics, mentalism, and magic tricks…

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Rory Innes talks about the emotional and mental toll of cyberstalking and other cybercrimes.

Cyberstalking and the Unexpected Toll of Cybercrime

When people talk about scams and cybercrime, it’s usually in terms of numbers. Statistics declare how many people have gotten caught in a scam, or how much money has been stolen by cybercriminals this year. But what rarely gets discussed is the less measurable costs. It’s hard to put a number on anxiety, feelings of…

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Cybersecurity Leadership

Leadership Changes Trigger Hacks, Due to Company Vulnerability.

Those who’ve worked in company headquarters have gone through regime changes, even sometimes with not just new executives but with new strategic thinkers. During a time like that, there’s an adjustment while employees get used to working either with new people…or in a new way, with changed expectations.

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Anthony "AJ" Monaco talks about social security scams and other government impostor scams.

Social Security Scams, Government Impostors, and the “Four P’s” of Scams

Scamming is a multi-billion-dollar industry. And scammers are creative and always coming up with new techniques. This week is National Consumer Protection Week, which uses education and awareness to stop scams. But Slam the Scam Day, one particular day of National Consumer Protection Week, focuses specifically on government impostor scams and similar social security scams.…

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Darren Dunner talks about online reputation management and protecting yourself online.

Online Reputation Management Strategies to Protect Your Online Presence

An online reputation isn’t just for businesses. As individuals, we all have an online presence and reputation as well. And if you’ve ever searched for your name or your business’s name to see what comes up, you’ve seen the results that make up an online reputation. But do you know what to do if something…

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Robert Anderson, Jr., talks about company cybersecurity and best practices.

Company Cybersecurity Response Plans Protect Your Business

With so much of life and business happening in the digital realm, effective cybersecurity is more important than ever for your business. Taking security measures is essential, but it’s equally important to have a plan if the worst does happen. A proactive approach to company cybersecurity can make a big difference in stress levels and…

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Signs of a Romance Scam

Signs of a Romance Scam: Is Your Online Sweetheart Really a Con Artist?

It’s never too late to learn, use and share good cybersecurity habits. Join the fight against romance scams and share this article and infographic with those you care about.

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Abigail Bishop talks about Amazon scams and how to protect yourself.

Common Amazon Scams and How to Protect Yourself

Scammers love to target anywhere money is involved. And as one of the biggest online retailers in the world, people spend a lot of money with Amazon. Using Amazon for scams can be extremely lucrative for scammers – and they don’t even have to be on Amazon to do it. By looking at how the…

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