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Easy Prey Podcast

Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams Are Keeping Pace with Cryptocurrency’s Popularity!

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, do research before you invest! Talk to people you know and trust for advice.

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Multilevel Marketing: Should You Invest Your Time and Effort in It?

Is multilevel marketing, also called “direct selling,” a way to make extra income or a way to help someone else get rich quick?

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Preventing Identity Theft with Adam Levin

At some point in our life we will encounter a cyber intrusion, either through somewhere we have done business or because we are targeted as an individual. It is important to know how to prevent identity theft as well as how to respond if you’ve already been compromised.  Today’s guest is Adam Levin. As a…

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What makes us easy prey

We Become Easy Prey for Scams When We Lose Our Focus

Even the smartest person you know could be the victim of a scam if the circumstances are right. We become easy prey for scams when something causes us to let our guard down.

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Psychopaths and Self-Protection with Mike Mandel

Most of us would not consider ourselves to be an easy target for a predator. But we may be communicating signs that we’re unaware of. Today’s guest is Mike Mandel. Mike’s career has covered many different fields from stage performer, trainer, psychotherapist, martial arts instructor, writer, and corporate speaker. Mike is a renowned hypnotist with…

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Privacy by Design with Nishant Bhajaria

Data privacy has often been an after-thought in software and platform development. Data breaches have increased consumer awareness and laws such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) have been enacted. Programmers and engineers need to think about what data they are collecting, how it is being stored and accessed,…

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Surviving a Romance Scam with Debby Montgomery Johnson

Many are resigned to stay silent about the pain of being scammed, but today’s guest helps empower others by vulnerably communicating her experience and sharing specific warning signs. Today’s guest is Debby Montgomery Johnson. Debby is founder of The Woman Behind the Smile, Inc. She is a best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host, former…

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Easy Prey Podcast - Short Term Rental Scams with J. Massey

Short Term Rental Scams with J. Massey

Many of us love traveling, but safety and security are usually a concern in the back of our minds especially if we are traveling with our family.  So how do we stay safe and secure when we are traveling? J. teaches us what red flags to look for when reserving and staying with Airbnb. With…

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