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Easy Prey Podcast

Mark Kreitzman talks about SIM swapping, mobile security, and how most mobile carrieres are putting you at risk.

Mobile Security Factors to Protect Your Phone from Criminals

Your phone is not as secure as you think. There are lots of ways for hackers, criminals, and even opportunistic amateurs can get access to the information on your phone. And with a technique called SIM swapping, they could even steal your entire phone account – meaning your phone number and all your data is…

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Kathy Stokes talks about the AARP Fraud Watch program and why reporting scams is so important.

Fraud Watch and the Importance of Reporting Scams

Many people assume that scammers target older people. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Scammers go after everybody, regardless of your age, your education, how much money you have to lose, or anything else. But fraud watch organizations have a difficult time determining exactly how much scams are targeting any demographics. They can’t…

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Uri Rivner talks about how banks handle fraud and scams and what that means for consumers.

How Banks Combat Fraud and Scams (and What That Means for You)

Moving your money around has never been easier. With online banking, mobile banking, and the proliferation of financial apps, you can move your money almost anywhere, often instantly. This technology is extremely convenient for us, the consumers. But unfortunately, it’s also extremely convenient for scammers. Banks and fraud have been locked in battle for a…

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How Scammer Steal Billions Every Year

Why Do Scams Work? The Tried-and-True Formula Makes Them Happen.

It’s truly not fair to ask, “didn’t these victims know better?” It’s not a matter of knowing better. Many very intelligent and wise people have been scammed. That’s a fact. Unlike Mr. Spock from Star Trek, we are not 100% logical and without human thoughts, experiences, feelings and reactions. We all have them.

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Emotional Betrayal

Scam Alert: Your Emotions Can Betray You.

This is a different kind of scam alert. It is a very important piece of advice that almost every guest on the “Easy Prey Podcast” has given: Anyone can get scammed because there is a scam out there for everyone.

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Frank Figliuzzi talks about trucker serial killers and what the FBI is doing about them.

Trucker Serial Killers: The Facts You Probably Haven’t Heard

The FBI is hunting the long haul trucker serial killers behind at least 850 murders along America’s highways. Sound like an episode of your favorite crime drama? It’s real, and it’s happening right now. These serial killers are out there, mostly targeting female sex trafficking victims. And the FBI is trying to track their behavior…

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Anna Rowe talks about romance scam methods and how scammers manipulate their targets.

Tools and Tricks Romance Scammers Use to Manipulate Victims

As technology has changed from postal mail to phone to fax to email, scammers’ tools have changed, too. And the recent rise of sophisticated AI apps that anyone can use has made their job even easier. Romance scams especially have taken advantage of this technology. And that means that the old ways of spotting scammers…

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Craig Davies talks about the challenges of onboarding and offboarding employees in a smooth and secure way.

Making the Employee Onboarding and Offobarding Process Easier and More Secure

Fifty years ago, it wasn’t very common for employees to change jobs. Once they were hired, they tended to stay with the same company for their entire working career. But that’s not the case anymore. Employees are changing jobs much more regularly these days. When a new employee joins, they need to be able to…

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