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Facial Recognition Search: How to Run a Reverse Image Search with Social Catfish

Use facial recognition search technology to verify people online.

We might feel queasy about that new match we got on a dating app, or something just doesn’t sit right about that new job offer. We wish so badly for it to be real, but that feeling of distrust isn’t letting us rest easy. And it’s not misplaced, either. In today’s world, it’s incredibly easy to fake an identity, run a scam, or do just about anything untoward. In situations like these, we often wish there was a way to verify someone’s online identity. Does it match with the real version? Are they a catfish or are they real? The good news is that the solution is just a few clicks away! With the help of Social Catfish, you can now use facial recognition search technology on anyone and find out exactly who they are online. 

When you upload a photo, Social Catfish uses advanced facial recognition search software to scour the web for similar images. A computerized system maps the different components of a face, like the parts, color, and structure using facial biometrics, and then that data is compared and matched with photos all over the internet. 

Different social media apps like Facebook use this technology to suggest tags for our friends in a photo upload. Even Apple and Android phones use the same technology in their facial lock feature. Social Catfish has developed a way to use this technology to help you verify online identities in a few simple clicks. 

How To Use Social Catfish 

Running a facial recognition search on someone with Social Catfish is easy and simple. But there are still some things you need to be mindful of when you do it. They’ve made it much simpler, detailed, and more streamlined than a usual photo search on Google. 

Get Your Photo Ready 

Before you put the photo through Social Catfish’s facial recognition search engine, make sure it is clear, the face of the person you’re looking for is visible, and there are no unrelated texts or logos in the photo.

If it’s a screenshot from social media, crop it to only include the actual photo. If it’s an old print, scan it and download a high-quality digital copy into your phone for best results. 

Upload It To Social Catfish 

Open the search feature in Social Catfish and upload your desired photo into the search engine. Social Catfish will take a moment to look for similar photos across dating apps, social media, professional websites, and even public domains. 

They will then show you exactly how many relevant results they found before you pay for the search. It’ll cost you about the same as a cup of coffee, and you won’t have to waste money on useless searches. 

Other Uses For Social Catfish

Social Catfish isn’t just good for helping you verify someone’s identity or expose a scam. They can even help you see if your spouse is cheating, and check if your face is being used by another catfish! Facial recognition searches are a genius piece of technology from the future and that they should be much more popular than they currently are. 

Give Social Catfish a try today and see what all their available tools can do for you.


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