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Online Privacy

What are you doing to make the internet work for you?

What Does Your Online Profile Look Like?

Like anything else, the Internet has its rewards and it has its inherent risks. You can make it fit perfectly into your lifestyle and activities, from arranging meetings and gym workouts; filling your calendar; reading and watching education videos; to attending virtual meetings.That’s how you develop an online profile.

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VPN Scams

VPN Scams are Real. Know What You’re Getting…or Not Getting.

Is there any service or product for which you’d have a lifetime subscription? Probably not. So, if a VPN provider is offering never-ending service for a one-time fee, you have to wonder what’s going on, even if the low price seems worth it.

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Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode on Your Browser. What It Does and Doesn’t Do.

If you simply want to hide you browser activity on you computer (from friends and family), there’s a feature called “incognito” mode. The word incognito means hiding your identity. Well, this isn’t actually that. This is hiding your website searches. Hiding the fact that you went to those sites.

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Here’s Why You Need to Pay More Attention to Your Chrome Extensions

How many extensions do you have installed on your Google Chrome browser? You know, those tiny icons that sit in the top right corner, next to the address bar? If you’re like most people, you may not know exactly how many extensions you have installed and active on your web browser. It’s probably more than…

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What You Need to Know about Privacy Statements and Cookies

At times, online privacy statements are lengthy, convoluted texts of boring legal jargon. Yet, it seems like every app and every online purchase requires agreeing to them. We’ve all been guilty of scanning through and signing online privacy statements without reading the fine print. But if we do so on a less than credible website,…

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7 Ways to Shore Up Your Social Media Privacy

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. And yet, we take for granted how much information is readily available on social networks. The focus is on friends or building follower counts but random people can sneak through the cracks and they may not have the best intentions.  A quick search could get…

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A Deep Dive into The California Consumer Privacy Act and what it means for CyberSecurity

It’s no secret websites and apps collect and monetize your data. Things like your search history, interests, and location may seem arbitrary or even necessary, but should people be profiting off of it? This is one of the major ethical and cybersecurity issues of our time. This information can be used to more effectively inundate…

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Your Social Media Has Been Hacked And You Don’t Even Know It

Your aunt just got a hot tip from you about an amazing NFT investment opportunity and your best friend just got a sketchy link from you which she wasn’t sure she should open. Your social media has been hacked and you’re the last one to know.  If this has happened to you, you are certainly…

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