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Junk Email Filter


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Different lists have different criteria for listing that to a large extent reflects the personality of the people behind the list. Some lists are angry lists where they list everything and if you got on their list it’s your fault. There are also lists that have nothing to do with spam, but try to punish behavior that they don’t like, or try to promote technologies that do not work.

This list is not an angry list. We focus on the reality of what really works.

Our position is that if you are a spammer we want to block you. If you are not a spammer we want to make sure your email gets delivered. And if you have been hacked or have a virus we want to help you get back to normal and get you off our blacklist as quickly as we can. If your server is misconfigured, we want to help you get it right so that your good email can be delivered as efficiently as possible. And if you never send spam we want you to be on our whitelist. To us it’s all about delivering good email and blocking bad email. Our mission is to get it right and to be professional and friendly about it. And because there is so much spam out there, we want to partner with our competitors so that we can all keep our customers happy and the spammers unhappy.

Our system also sends out automated notices to alert spam sources of problems and to get feedback in case we have a problem rejecting good email so that we can fix problems that we don’t know about. This helps ISPs and office network admins find and shut down virus infected computer reducing spam across the planet. Our view is that the best way to fight spam is to stop it at the source.

Junk Email Filter uses innovative techniques to fight spam. We have been the leader in introducing several new spam fighting technologies. This list is an example of our commitment not just to be accurate but to be efficient. Most lists are just black lists. A few have multiple return codes as to why the IP is blacklisted. There are also a for white lists but most of those white lists are really lists of servers not to blacklist. Our lists go much farther.

Removal Process

There is a courtesy removal form for those who were either wrongly listed or have fixed the problem and is now ready to be delisted. This removal is short term and if more spam is detected you will be relisted.

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