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Personal Data Scan

Securing your personal data privacy is more important than ever. Start your free data privacy scan to see how much of your data is exposed on the internet. We scan 80+ data brokers and people searches and most people are shocked at how much of their information is one public search away. This scan is currently designed for individuals in the United States only.

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Data Brokers

Data brokers are businesses that collect and sell personal information about individuals to third parties. They gather data from various sources, both online and offline, to build profiles on millions of people. Companies, marketers, and advertisers often use this data to target consumers with tailored products and services. This information also gets sold to solicitors such as collections agencies as well as call centers. If you have been called about an extended auto warranty or a real estate investor trying to buy your home, then you most likely, have experienced this.

Personal Data Removal

Removing personally identifiable information (PII) from the internet can be a challenging task, especially since information can be spread across various websites, databases, and platforms. You can manually submit data removal requests from data broker and people search websites. This can be difficult, frustrating, and time consuming. There are services that automate data removal for you, saving you the time and effort.