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About Us is the premier website for helping people throughout the world find, check, or get details on a specific IP address.

Our mission extends beyond showing you a public IP address in real time, or providing some helpful IP details—we also strive to help everyone better manage, monitor, change or hide their IP addresses by providing helpful tools and insights.

When you control your IP address, you control your internet experience and online safety

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Chris Parker, Owner

Finding your IP address wasn’t always easy—that’s how we got started was born over 20 years ago when we discovered it wasn’t so simple to find our own IP address quickly and easily.

To help us create and connect networks, we developed a solution that allowed us to find our own IP addresses quickly demand.

Soon after, we realized there might be other network administrators and computer users who might find our IP-lookup program helpful. Today, millions of IT professionals, computer users, and international travelers count on our website as a surefire way to get information about specific IP addresses.

Over time, we expanded our website to provide additional IP address-related tools such as Blacklist Check, Speed Test, VPN Comparison, and a Learning Center with easy-to-read, informative articles.

Site Launched shows visitors just their IP address.

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Jan 2000

Support Forums Launched

Visitors can submit questions or request advice (and get a reply) regarding IP addresses and more.

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June 2005

Proxy Server Added

New feature on IP details reports if the IP address being looked at is using a proxy or VPN.

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June 2006

Geo-Location Information/Map Added

New feature allows website visitors to see their location on a map, based on their active IP address.

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Mar 2007

Black List Tool Added

Visitors can check to see if their IP address is in a database of blacklisted addresses.

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Aug 2007

Spanish, French Homepage Added

With international popularity growing, special homepage versions are introduced to better service visitors.

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Aug 2007

Trace Email Tool Added

A new tool shows people how to find the IP address in a received email and determine the location of the sender.

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Oct 2007

1 Million Monthly Visitors

The popularity and growth of the website continues and attracts one-million visitors monthly from all corners of the globe.

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May 2008

Additional IP Address Details Added

New features provide more information pertaining to an entered IP address, including coordinates and IP provider.

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Sep 2008

Speed Test Added

With a simple click on a new Speed Test page, visitors can find out the speed of their internet connection in real-time.

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Apr 2010

IP Location Updating Added

Visitors can now update and correct their geo-location with one click.

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Apr 2011

5 Million Monthly Visitors

The popularity of the website continues and attracts five-million visitors monthly.

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Feb 2012

German Homepage Added

With the European audience expanding, a German-language home page makes its appearance.

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Oct 2007

Generation 2 Site Design Launches

The website gets a refresh, making it more user-friendly, intuitive and inviting.

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Nov 2013

IP Insights Newsletter Added

A new informative and easy-to-read newsletter is created and included in regular updates and news to email subscribers.

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Dec 2013

VPN Comparison Added

A comparison chart allows visitors to see how features of top VPNs compare to one another.

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Jan 2014

IPV6 Support

WIMIA leads the way in displaying the new-generation IPv6 IP address format, when active.

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Jul 2015

Learning Center Launched

A library of exclusive online content is created with helpful, informative, and easy-to-read articles.

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Oct 2015

Speed Test Upgraded to HTML5

The Speed Test page is updated with the latest code for web page development, making it more dynamic and responsive.

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Mar 2017

Generation 3 Site Design

A more flexible and versatile platform to allow for future growth.

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Jan 2021

Keeping you informed while helping you keep safe

We strive to help you stay safe online by providing useful information and strategies you can quickly put into action.

Thousands of our visitors come for their IP addresses and stay for the menu of IP-related tools and helpful articles that are written in a way everyone can understand.

Additionally, thousands of our online visitors receive regular communications from us: We send out news updates, tips and links to our articles to help you improve your online safety—information you can share with friends, family and coworkers.

If you’d like to receive information from us, subscribe here. We hate spam too and we’ll never share your email address with anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Who We Are

Chris Parker, Founder

Chris Parker created, the number one website in the world for looking up an IP address. Chris launched the site in early 2000, initially just to help him find his own IP address on-demand. Soon afterward, he shared his website and IP lookup solution on the web.

Over time and much to his surprise, the entire world started visiting the website—first by the thousands, then by the millions. At the same time, Chris saw that as his website attracted more visitors and "eyeballs," advertisers were eager to promote their services through display ads—for which Chris earns advertising revenue.

Today, is one of the top 3,000 sites in the United States, with more than six million visitors monthly. Chris is an alumnus of California State University, Fullerton, and resides in Southern California.