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Emailbasura Blacklist Details


Status: Offline
Terms: Free by request
Zones: 1

Background appears to be very similar to other DNS based blacklists, with one exception. allows any end user to report spam directly to their website. The website does not list if that report will immediately generate the listing of the offending IP address, or if some form of human or analytical process is first performed.

Listing criteria

The listing criteria for can not be determined with any accuracy at this time.

Zones presumably wil return a positive response to a reverse DNS query if the requested IP address is listed. Due to the scant nature of information that is displayed on the website, it is suggested that this DNS blacklist be used with caution until further information is located.

Removal Process

No delisting information is provided. However, a single field in which an IP address can be entered is available. There are no instructions or guidelines listed with this single field, and again, caution is stressed if you are interested in using this DNS blacklist.

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