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VPNs and Proxies

Websites can block your access or track your online activity by your IP address. Even though websites cannot identify you by name through your IP address, they can still determine what you like to do online.

The articles listed below present different ways to hide your IP address and stay under the radar.

  1. What is a VPN?
  2. Get a VPN now!
  3. Is it Safe to Use a Free VPN?
  4. Five things to know about Internet proxies
  5. What is an online proxy all about?
  6. How to minimize government online spying
  7. Should you trust a proxy?
  8. What is TOR?
  9. Can you stay anonymous online?
  10. Should you join an open proxy?
  11. Confessions of a first-time VPN user
  12. Proxy vs. VPN vs. Tor
  13. What is a VPN Service?
  14. is your VPN Leaking your IP Address?
  15. WebRTC Leak Test
  16. Survey Says...We Want Privacy
  17. How Using a VPN May Save You Money