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TruePeopleSearch Opt-Out Guide


How to easily remove your information and opt out of TruePeopleSearch

TruePeopleSearch is a free people search website offering details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. If safeguarding your online privacy is a concern for you, removing your personal information from TruePeopleSearch might be a step you’d want to take.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to doing just that.

Opt Out of TruePeopleSearch

Step 1: Get started by heading to the TruePeopleSearch removal page, accessible at

Step 2: Input a valid email, confirm that the record you’re removing belongs to you by checking the box, and then complete the CAPTCHA challenge. Press “Begin Removal” afterward. A heads-up: be prepared to receive an email from TruePeopleSearch. We recommend using a proxy email so you aren’t providing your personal email address. There are many sites such as TempMail which is free and provides this temporary email service.

Step 3: Next you will be brought to a search box to look for your record or the record you intend to remove on TruePeopleSearch. Inputting your name and address generally makes the search process smoother. Don’t be concerned when you land on this page. It looks like the homescreen search page but you are still going through the opt out process.

Step 4: It’s quite likely that multiple records with your name might appear. Your task is to identify which one is yours. You can do this using the additional data linked to each record (such as age, residence, past addresses, and relatives).

Step 5: When you’ve located your record accurately, scroll down until you find the “Remove This Record” button situated at the bottom of the record.

Step 6: Once you click to remove your record, you’ll be navigated to another page. It will confirm that an email has been dispatched to your provided email address.

Step 7: Check your inbox for an email from Open it and click the given link to finalize the opt-out process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to eliminate my information from TruePeopleSearch?

  • You can expect to spend about 5-15 minutes completing the opt-out procedure.

When will my data be fully wiped from TruePeopleSearch?

  • Your information will be purged from TruePeopleSearch in a span of fewer than 4 business days after your opt-out request.

Is there a possibility my information will reappear on TruePeopleSearch?

  • Indeed, there’s a chance that your personal information could find its way back to TruePeopleSearch. To keep your information off their site, you will want to monitor on a regular basis. You can also subscribe to an automated data removal service like DataSeal. These also remove your information from 80 additional databrokers and people search websites. You can run your free exposure scan using the link above to see how many websites have exposed your personal information.


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