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How to Download a Free VPN Hotspot Shield

VPN being used on your personal laptop

With data breaches and privacy violations running rampant online, protecting your security is more crucial than ever. Unfortunately, hackers, internet providers, and even government agencies can monitor your browsing activity and steal sensitive information. 

Your best defense against these bad actors is to use a virtual private network (VPN).

VPNs encrypt all your network data and route it through remote servers, concealing your true IP address and location. This prevents snooping eyes from spying on the sites you visit and the content you access. However, most quality VPNs come with a high monthly price tag.

Luckily, there are a few trustworthy VPN providers that offer free versions. While limited compared to premium plans, these free VPNs still provide core security features like:

  • Encrypted connections to keep your web traffic private
  • Masking of your real IP address
  • Blocking of trackers and malicious sites
  • Ability to access blocked content

With online privacy more important than ever, a free VPN can help you browse the web with greater confidence – without getting devoured by monthly fees.

While paid VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer premium protection, you can get started with a reliable free VPN option. Some of the top free VPNs are:

  • Hotspot Shield
  • ProtonVPN
  • TunnelBear
  • Windscribe

In this guide, we’ll cover how to download and set up these free VPNs to safeguard your browsing.

Downloading a Free VPN

Getting started with a free VPN is quick and easy on all major platforms. Here are direct download links and steps for the top options:

Hotspot Shield




Using Your Free VPN

Once installed, free VPN apps work in a similar way:

  1. Launch the VPN app.
  2. Tap connect to establish an encrypted VPN tunnel. This will hide your IP address.
  3. Use the internet as normal. Your traffic will now be routed through the VPN server.
  4. Disconnect from the VPN when finished to restore your normal connection.

Most free VPNs limit you to a capped data allowance, specific server locations, lower speeds, and fewer features compared to paid plans. However, they provide fundamental privacy protection when using public WiFi, accessing blocked content, and more.

Be sure to choose a server location that meets your needs. For example, a US server is best for unblocking sites like US Netflix or Hulu.

While not as robust as premium options, using a trustworthy free VPN is vastly better than no VPN at all. Give one of these top providers a try to keep your browsing more secure.

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