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Don’t Overpay for Flights! Get Cheaper Airline Fares with a VPN

A VPN can get you cheaper airline fares - and more!

If you’ve ever traveled by plane – or shopped for plane tickets – you know airline tickets are expensive. But you don’t have to bow to the whims of ticket sales websites! You can find cheaper airline fares for almost any flight, and it’s not hard to do.

You probably already know that the flight distance, the airline you choose, and the date you purchase your tickets all affect the price. But did you know that you’re computer’s IP address affects it if you shop online? That’s because your IP address tells the website what city or country you’re in. And for the most part, that doesn’t work in your favor.

Travel companies use your location to set a price they want you to pay. And it’s often not to give you cheaper airline fares. It’s not necessarily to cheat you or price-gouge you, they just want you to buy at their prices.

They don’t publicize it, but travel sites give you online ticket options and pricing based on where they think you are. Someone in another location could buy the same ticket at the same time for potentially hundreds of dollars cheaper! Prices differ by geographic location, even if you’re looking at the exact same flight at the same price. You may get cheaper airline fares just for being somewhere else in the world.

Cheaper Airline Fares are Possible

You don’t have to resign yourself to paying more for airline tickets. You can get around their tricks with a few tricks of your own. And you might just save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process.

The secret? Use a VPN. A VPN – short for Virtual Private Network – gives you an IP address from somewhere else. You may not have moved, but as far as the website knows, you could be in a whole different country. They’ll give you the price for the country they think you’re in, and you’ll get cheaper airline fares without leaving home.

Case Study: Cheaper Airline Fares with a VPN

Here is an example from someone who used a VPN to get cheaper airline fares online. This person lives in Los Angeles, California, and was shopping online for a ticket from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia.

I live in Los Angeles, California, in the U.S. So I first went online like always and visited my usual travel site, where I searched for flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to Melbourne (MEL) for my travel dates.

I was quoted a price of $1,842. That was the lowest I came across, so I thought that was the best deal I could get.

Then, I logged out of my search and went back online using my VPN account. That allowed me, I discovered, to link to a VPN server in Brazil … so my IP address would indicate, to any website tracking it, that I was shopping from Brazil. (They’d have no clue about my previous search.)

I’d read somewhere that flights are sometimes pretty cheap from Brazil, so I went to the same travel website and did the exact same search—same travel destinations, same airline, same date and time.

My ticket this time was around $475 lower than it was before … simply because the travel website thought I was in shopping online in Brazil instead of Los Angeles.

Ready to save? Do this

The first thing to do will be to choose a VPN provider. If you’re not sure where to start, our VPN Simplifier makes the decision easy.

Most VPNs offer a money-back guarantee or a free-trial period, so exploring the world of VPNs is virtually risk-free. Using a VPN is a good idea for almost all of your online activity. It can help you:

  • Explore online to see if you can save on other purchases
  • View content blocked in your region (sporting events, TV shows, online services)
  • Stay protected from identity thieves or eavesdroppers

A personal VPN account can make it all happen. By using a VPN you can move your IP address to any country or city around the world with the click of a button.

And you won’t need to go to a travel agency to do that.

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