A VPN is one of the most secure ways to connect to the Internet while maintaining complete privacy.

What a VPN is and how it works

A VPN is an online service you sign up for to get more privacy on the Internet...no matter where you're connected.

Here's how it works: A VPN takes the Internet connection you're on—whether at home or on public Wi-Fi (airports, Starbucks, etc.)—and routes it through their own extra-secure, encrypted network, protecting your data from prying eyes.

By putting that secure wall between you and the online world, your internet activity can't be tracked, monitored, or spied-on. It all has to do with using a VPN to hide your IP address, sort of a "phone number" for an internet connection.

How to choose the best VPN for maximum privacy.

There are hundreds of Virtual Private Networks to choose from, which often makes choosing the best VPN for privacy time-consuming and confusing.

You need privacy and you need it now. So, at WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, we came up with a way to make the process simple for you.

We created VPN Simplifier™

Tell us what you'd like most from a VPN—greater privacy, extra security or unrestricted access—and we'll recommend, based on our research, the best VPN for that criterion and ultimately, you.

And because nearly all VPNs offer free trial periods and money-back guarantees, trying one is virtually risk-free.

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