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Here’s How to Choose a VPN: Don’t Overthink It and It’ll Be Fine

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(Turns out, it’s a no brainer!)

Nobody, it seems, has tried to make it easy to choose a VPN—a Virtual Private Network. The VPN provider websites (those who offer VPNs) do a good job, usually, but that’s self promotion. All those VPN review websites you turn to for guidance can drive you insane with jargon and details that you don’t understand or care about. (If you’re not sure what a VPN is, we suggest you read this article we wrote, called VPN 101.)

Here’s the best peace of advice we have for you here at Choosing a GREAT VPN isn’t as complicated as it seems. In fact, we created a way to make it easy, quick and pretty foolproof too.

See, when it comes down to it, you want a VPN that ranks well for its security features, helps you get around internet blocks or geo-restrictions, and has a respected privacy policy. And we have created a way for you to get that.

Don't Strain Your Brain Choosing A VPN

Knowing what’s important helps makes it easy to choose a VPN..

Face it: Most people are hesitant to check out VPNs to begin with, because they seem too complicated. The truth is, they’re not. Secondly, if they decide to give VPNs a chance, they probably say to themselves, “I want a free one. I don’t want to pay!” We understand that.

The good news is, there are some free VPNs that could work well for some people (read our article about it.) You should know, however, that they’re limited and are usually stripped down versions of VPNs you subscribe to and pay for. Also, there are free VPNs that could do more harm than good, because they don’t have the privacy or security features you may need. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of free VPNs.

So, what should you do?

Choose a VPN now, the smart and easy way, with the VPN Simplifier.

The VPN Simplifier™ is the best solution for choosing a top-rated VPN. Use the VPN Simplifier™ and make life—and online security—simple again.

Here’s what we did for you.

We did the research (and stay of top of the details) on the top Virtual Network Providers for three primary categories, the ones we mentioned above: security, privacy and accessibility. Depending on what’s most important to you, select a category and check out your choices.

Here’s the catch: all the VPNs on the VPN Simplifier will probably provide all the security, privacy and access you’ll ever want.

Best of all, you’ll be surprised to see how truly affordable a VPN subscription is per month when you purchase a plan of two or three years. It may be as low as $2.00 per month—really. And they usually come with free-trial periods and money-back guarantees.

Turns out, choosing a VPN to help you protect your privacy and data, and to open doors to the internet truly is a no-brainer.

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Image of a man standing next to a huge brain

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