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Top 10 Email Tracking Tools

The top 10 email tracking tools for 2023

Email tracking software provides invaluable visibility into how your recipients engage with your emails. These data and insights can help you significantly refine and optimize your outreach campaigns for better results. 

Better emails lead to more sales. 

We’re going to review 10 leading email tracking tools for 2023 based on their key features, pricing options, ease of use, and overall value they provide. But first, let’s talk about what email tracking can do.

Email tracking tools to identifies the geographical location of an email

What are email tracking tools and what do they do? 

Email tracking tools are an important part of doing business. In today’s marketplace, you need to know if your email marketing campaigns are working or not!

The standard features of email tracking tools are: 

  • Open tracking: Detects when an email is opened by the recipient
  • Link tracking: Tracks when links within an email are clicked
  • Location tracking: Identifies the geographical location of email opens and link clicks
  • Device tracking: Detects what type of device (desktop, mobile, etc) was used to open an email or click a link
  • Email forwarding and sharing: Notifies you when an email is forwarded or shared with others
  • Unsubscribe tracking: Knows when a recipient unsubscribes from an email list
  • Bounce tracking: Alerts you when an email bounces due to an invalid address
  • Read receipts: Requests and records read receipts from recipients
  • Email analytics: Provides aggregated data and insights about email open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, bounces etc.

An effective email tracking tool gives you real-time notifications when recipients open your emails or click links. This helps you understand engagement levels at a glance so you can prioritize the most promising leads!

Historical performance data, often stored in the cloud, further allows you to spot trends over time.. When selecting an email tracking tool, key aspects to evaluate include tracking accuracy, platform integrations, automation capabilities, ease of use, and pricing.

10 Recommended Email Tracking Tools for 2024

For each of the following tracking tools, we’ve compiled their key specifications, some of the pros and cons, and the price as of the end of 2023. We anticipate that these will be the most popular tools going into 2024. 


EmailAnalytics is popular with both Gmail and Outlook users because of its versatility. In addition to providing great customer engagement analysis, it also helps to analyze departmental workflows. 

EmailAnalytics delivers visual analytics and real-time dashboards to optimize team email productivity. It tracks key metrics like response times, top senders/recipients, and email traffic patterns.

You can customize your account to receive either daily or weekly reporting, each of which gives you insight into your team’s workflows and email effectiveness over time.

Great news for companies: The EmailAnalytics web app seamlessly integrates with your email platform and provides an at-a-glance view of mailbox analytics. 

You can easily create customized dashboards focusing on the KPIs most relevant for your needs. EmailAnalytics helps managers identify opportunities to streamline processes and boost team productivity.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive custom dashboards with real-time metrics
  • Granular email traffic analytics by hour, day, or month
  • Tracking of individual and team response times
  • User productivity monitoring and optimization
  • Daily or weekly email analysis reporting

2023 Pricing:

  • $15/month per inbox for monthly billing
  • $13.50/month per inbox for annual billing

SalesBlink is an all-in-one sales outreach tool that equips you with robust email tracking capabilities while enhancing your email marketing and sales efforts. It is a versatile solution designed to empower sales teams and businesses by providing real-time insights into email interactions. This tool is available for users of both Gmail and Outlook.

SalesBlink combines several different functionalities, enabling you to streamline cold email outreach, enhance lead generation, and facilitate efficient follow-up procedures. Beyond tracking the rates of email opens, clicks, and replies, it also offers a range of features, including a lead finder to identify potential customers and a domain search to locate key individuals within a company. 

Additionally, its cold emailing feature allows you to introduce your business to new audiences, while the automated follow-ups ensure that your product or service remains top-of-mind. With analytics, you gain valuable data and insights, helping you make informed decisions about your outreach strategies.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Email Tracking
  • Lead Finder
  • Domain Search
  • Cold Emailing
  • Automated Follow-ups
  • Analytics

2023 Pricing:

  • Growth: $25/month Growth paid plan
  • Scale: $79/month Scale paid plan
  • Business: $149/month Business paid plan

Right Inbox 

Right Inbox is a handy email productivity and tracking extension for Gmail users. It delivers real-time notifications when recipients open your emails or click links, enabling timely follow-ups. Right Inbox also provides useful features like scheduling emails, creating reminders, and adding customizable signatures.

With its email templates, you can save your best emails as reusable templates. This creates more consistency in performance, because you know what works. The software’s email scheduling ensures your messages reach recipients’ inboxes at optimal times for engagement. 

And Right Inbox’s reminders help you effectively follow up on important messages so nothing falls through the cracks.

Overall, Right Inbox aims to help streamline your communication workflows directly within Gmail. Its straightforward tracking and productivity features enhance your daily email management.

Key Features:

  • Real-time tracking of opens, clicks, and replies
  • Email scheduling to customize send times
  • Email reminders and follow-ups
  • Customizable signatures for every situation
  • Email templates to save and reuse

2023 Pricing:

  • Limited free version
  • $7.95/month Personal paid plan
  • $14.95/month Professional paid plan


For Gmail users who want unlimited free email tracking, SalesHandy is definitely one of the top choices.  

It delivers real-time desktop notifications when your emails are opened, clicked, or replied to. This helps you instantly gauge recipient engagement and determine who to follow up with promptly.

SalesHandy also provides productivity boosters like customizable email templates and automated follow-up sequences. With its email scheduling, you can choose the ideal send times to grab your customer’s attention. 

For paid plans, SalesHandy enables CRM integration to match tracking insights with your contact records.

Overall, SalesHandy offers a free yet powerful tracking solution for individuals and teams who rely on Gmail for communication. The actionable tracking data can help maximize your email effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited, free tracking of opens, clicks, and replies
  • Real-time desktop alerts for tracked emails
  • Scheduling emails for optimal send times
  • Customizable email templates
  • Automated follow-up sequences
  • CRM integration (paid plans only)

2023 Pricing:

  • $25/month for Outreach Basic paid plan
  • $74/month for Outreach Pro paid plan
  • $149/month for Outreach Scale paid plan
  • $219/month for Outreach Scale Plus paid plan


Streak is a versatile email tracking and workflow tool for Gmail users. It combines robust tracking with built-in CRM and pipeline visualization. Streak delivers real-time alerts when recipients open your emails or click links for timely follow-up.

With its seamless Gmail integration, Streak enables you to monitor prospect engagement without constantly switching between apps. It provides valuable tracking insights tied directly to your marketing and sales pipeline. 

Similar to EmailAnalytics, Streak also helps streamline team communication through shared pipelines. It has collaborative features like task assignment and peer review, which help to ensure effectiveness. For sales teams, Streak can be a powerful asset to track email performance and accelerate deals.

Key Features:

  • Real-time email tracking with instant notifications
  • Visual pipeline and deal management
  • Team collaboration on deals
  • Email scheduling and reminders
  • Activity sync with CRM records

2023 Pricing:

  • Free basic version
  • $15/month per user for Solo paid plan
  • $49/month per user for Pro paid plan
  • $69/month per user for Pro+ paid plan
  • $129/month per user for Enterprise paid plan


MailTrack is an enterprise-grade email tracking solution providing highly accurate and real-time tracking capabilities. It is a Chrome extension that is only useable for Gmail users. 

MailTrack offers precise tracking of opens, clicks, and link-level analytics. This helps you monitor recipient engagement and optimize email performance.

This Chrome extension also enables you to track recipient location to tailor outreach based on geography. As with other tools, you can optimize send times using historical open rate data to boost results. With device tracking, you can see which platforms resonate best with your audience.

For paid plans, MailTrack provides advanced tracking features and custom integrations tailored for enterprise needs. However, the tool may be overkill for individuals or small teams just needing basic tracking.

Key Features:

  • Precise real-time tracking of opens and clicks
  • Granular link-level analytics
  • Location monitoring to tailor outreach
  • Send time optimization based on historical data
  • Device and browser tracking

2023 Pricing:

  • Free version
  • $4.99 per month Pro plan
  • $9.99 per month Advanced plan

MailTracker by Hunter 

This one sounds almost the same as MailTrack, but MailTracker by Hunter is actually a separate application altogether. 

If you are looking for a straightforward and free email tracking tool, MailTracker by Hunter is a great pick. This Chrome extension delivers read receipts and open counts directly within Gmail to help gauge recipient engagement.

With MailTracker, you can see at a glance when your emails are opened and how many times they are opened. The tool also captures what device recipients use to open your emails. However, advanced features like link click tracking and CRM integration require upgraded paid plans.

The free version of MailTracker provides a basic yet useful tracking solution for individuals and very small teams. While it lacks some extensive capabilities of paid alternatives, the free  MailTracker can help optimize your most important outreach emails.

Key Features:

  • Read receipts for opens
  • Email open counts
  • Device details for opened emails
  • Basic, free tracking capabilities
  • Link tracking (paid plans only)

2023 Pricing:

  • Free version
  • $7.50 per month Premium plan


GMass is a highly rated email marketing and tracking extension for Gmail. It enables detailed tracking of opens, clicks, bounces, and more to monitor campaign performance. The tool also provides automation through customizable follow-ups, templates, and scheduling.

GMass automatically generates campaign reports inside your Gmail, showing key metrics like unique opens and clicks. You can also access web-based reports for additional insights. With its powerful tracking and automation paired with a free starter plan, GMass is a great option for small marketing teams.

Key Features:

  • Opens, clicks, bounces, and replies tracking
  • Campaign performance reports
  • Automated follow-up sequences
  • Customizable email templates
  • Email scheduling capabilities

2023 Pricing:

  • Free version for 50 emails/day
  • $19.95/month Standard paid plan
  • $29.95/month Premium paid plan


For both Gmail and Outlook, Yesware provides robust email tracking and analytics. It offers detailed insights into open, click, and reply rates for individual emails and entire campaigns. Yesware helps you know exactly how your recipients engage with the emails you send!

Yesware also equips you with productivity boosters like customizable templates and email scheduling. Advanced features are available like meeting scheduling, CRM integration, and multi-channel campaign management.

With well-rounded tracking and automation in a user-friendly platform, Yesware aims to help teams reach success faster through streamlined email outreach.

Key Features:

  • Open, click, and reply tracking with instant alerts
  • Campaign and individual email performance reporting
  • Email templates to drive consistency
  • Scheduling capabilities to customize send times
  • CRM integration to track recipient engagement

2023 Pricing:

  • Free basic version
  • $15/month per seat Pro paid plan
  • $35/month per seat Premium paid plan
  • $65/month per seat Enterprise paid plan

Find the email tracking tool that is right for your business

Email tracking tools provide invaluable visibility into how your recipients engage with emails. The right solution can help you significantly optimize your outreach approaches, follow up faster, and get more from your email efforts.

Factors like tracking accuracy, ease of use, automation capabilities, and pricing determine which tool best fits your needs. It’s also important to note which email provider you use, because some of these tools are only compatible with Google or Outlook, as opposed to both. 

Ultimately, email tracking is about understanding your recipients’ behavior. With these insights, you can craft emails and outreach that resonate better and drive the engagement you want. The tools reviewed above can equip you with the visibility needed to accomplish this effectively.

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