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What are the benefits of SOCKS5 proxy?


The world of technology is full of tools to help protect your online security. At times, the plethora of tools available may seem overwhelming. However, whether you’re protecting your professional or personal online presence, understanding the privacy options you have is paramount.

One option at your disposal is SOCKS5 proxy. It sounds super technical and futuristic, but don’t let that scare you. Once you understand how proxies (and especially private proxies) work, and the numerous benefits of SOCKS5 proxy, utilizing this tool is relatively easy.   

What is a proxy? 

So, what exactly is a proxy? A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your IP address and the Internet server you use to connect to the web. There are two main types of proxies: 

Forward proxies 

This is the most common proxy used as a gateway for groups of people connecting to the same Internet servers.  Forward proxies are used as storage systems for Internet data such as web pages and ensure that client requests to servers are valid. This keeps servers from crashing and reduces the amount of bandwidth used by a forward proxy’s client servers. There are many forward proxies available that allow the user an anonymous online connection. 

Reverse proxies

Forward proxies are based on client requests, whereas reverse proxies are based on requests from the server. Reverse proxies may redistribute server clients: This means that clients will be balanced between several servers which helps prevent website crashes, speeds up connection time, and caches content such as music and images. Reverse proxies allow the IP addresses of servers to remain hidden.   

What is a private proxy?  

A private proxy server goes a step further than a basic proxy server. Private proxies are only dedicated to one user at a time. By utilizing this service, you have access to all websites — in other words, your IP address can’t be blocked by a website. This type of proxy server allows your online activity to have greater protection against exposure of your personal data.

The benefits for individual use of private proxy servers include:

  • Anonymity
  • Improved browser speed
  • Circumvention of location blocks (For example, some countries are not able to access major websites if their IP addresses are displayed)
  • Security enhancements (For example, a private proxy limits who can use your IP address)

However, corporate use of these servers allows data collection without IP address blocks. Thus, private proxy servers are often used by major businesses with heavy online traffic. For example, travel comparison websites might collect data from airline, travel agency, and fare sites sans any blocks that would limit their access. 

What is SOCKS5 proxy?

The SOCKS5 proxy allows users access to the benefits of a private proxy server. It transfers data packets from a user to the Internet through a proxy server. SOCKS5 can be set up to require authentication which only allows access to authorized users. The original version of the proxy has been around since the 1990s and is the standard for all level 5 Internet gateways.

Most VPN  providers offer SOCKS5 to give their users further protection.The 5th version of SOCKS implements multiple user authentication requirements while eradicating the need for server authentication to offer advanced security measures. You can also “spoof” your location via SOCKS5.

The benefits of SOCKS5 proxy

Although the benefits of SOCKS5 proxy are often utilized by businesses, the average Internet user may not be aware of how the tool can help individuals as well. Some of the numerous benefits are versions of private proxy server benefits specific to SOCKS5 and include:

  • Increased Internet connection speed: The versions of SOCKS before SOCKS5 didn’t have access to the connectionless communication port, User Datagram Protocol (UDP). SOCKS5 has this access which all but guarantees a fast connection.
  • Quick P2P downloads:  What is a P2P, you may ask? P2P is a peer-to-peer service that acts as both  client and server and offers decentralized communications. For example, P2P downloads will allow multiple users to utilize the same accessories such as printers. 
  • Easy maneuvering around IP address blocks: If your standard IP address prohibits access to particular websites — especially those from a foreign host, SOCKS5 proxy allows you to visit these sites.

The one major disadvantage to SOCKS5 is that it doesn’t use data encryption. Thus, although your IP address is protected, hackers may be able to intercept any sensitive data you send while using this proxy.

How SOCKS5 proxy works

If the SOCKS5 proxy has piqued your interest, you’re probably wondering how it all works. SOCKS5 forges a path through the firewall of a server’s network, and reassigns its user a new IP address. 

This isn’t the same idea as hijacking someone else’s IP address: SOCKS5 assigns you a new address to prevent your personal data and location from falling into the wrong hands. SOCKS5 also bolsters your connection against malevolent hacker attacks. 

The differences between SOCKS5 and VPN?

Although a SOCKS5 proxy and VPNs both protect your IP address, they are not the same. SOCKS5 essentially works as a protected router while a VPN is a virtual private network. SOCKS5 offers a faster Internet connection than a VPN, but VPNs encrypt your data.

If you’re looking at using either a SOCKS5 proxy or a VPN, it’s important to discern which would work best for you. They shouldn’t be used in conjunction with one another. If you do, your Internet connection may give you flashbacks to the early days of dial-up connections. In other words, your connections will be clunky and slow.

Protect yourself against online threats

The privacy tools available to Internet users vary in efficiency. The average online computer user doesn’t need to utilize them all. However, a knowledge of the most common security measures you can take can help you make an informed decision. Decide which measures you need to take, and which tools best suit your needs. 

Along with your questions about the benefits of SOCKS5 proxy, What Is My IP Address has answers to all of your online privacy needs. Check out our blog for informed articles and the tools we offer to help protect you against online security threats. 

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