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Parents Must Take Control Keep Kids Safe Online.

Parental Controls

Years ago, long before the term “parental controls even existed” there was an advertising campaign directed at parents that said, “It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your kids are?” 

Today, teachers, politicians, cybersecurity experts and journalists have updated that question for today’s parents.  Only it’s something like this: “Hey, parents. Your kids are on their phones continuously during the day. Do you know who their talking to and what they’re up to?”

The response from most parents would be…”Not a clue!” That’s why so much important information on the subject is making the news.

Parental controls has become one of the hottest topics…for parents.

Life is not easy for today’s kids from ages 5 to 18. They face dangers that their parents and grandparents never did…because there was no such thing as the internet they were kids. We put together an enlightening infographic that covers some of the most common topics and tactics that parents should be considering, according to many safety experts and child psychologists.

A vital topic for our times—our kids.

With all the stories about bullying and teenage suicides, it’s no wonder the discussion about parental controls has become one of the hottest topics related to internet dangers, internet security and protecting children.

In fact, if you Google the words “parental controls,” you’ll get more than a list of products that are called parental control software. You’ll also get articles, reports and studies on the topic.

You think it would be obvious or automatic that parents would be in control of what their own children are doing or seeing online.  Sadly, that’s not the case. Not even close. It’s not even necessarily a battle between parents and the world of the internet. It’s a battle between parents and their children as well.

Because the truth is, children are drawn to things (or can be drawn into things) that are not inherently good for them. Adults are no different, but at least they have experience to draw on when making decisions.

Help is available for parents through parental controls.

Fortunately, responible websites are generating more and more awareness on this clear and present danger.

Schools, counselors and experts creating greater awareness of internet dangers on children. Better still, hardware and software companies are creating solutions that can help to build safety shields around kids. But before parents can use these solutions, they need know they even exist.

Learn more about parents taking control of the internet.

We put together a comprehensive article on the topic of parental controls, for those who want a non-biased and easy-to-read overview of the topic. Our article, written in easy-to-read style and without a lot of technical jargon, is ideal for parents, especially those who might be new to the topic.

You’ll be able to explore a range of ideas.

To read the article, go to, or simply click the link below. You’ll also find a podcast topic on internet safety for families on the Easy Prey podcast, which is hosted by Chris Parker, CEO of

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