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Internet Privacy Myth: You can’t keep spies out of your online life.


Our internet privacy is under siege for sure, but you can fight back (and win) with a VPN.

A recent survey indicated that many people are more worried about losing their internet privacy than they are about being hacked.

  • There is no such thing as online privacy. Virtually every move you make is tracked by websites or advertisers or some entity using technology to monitor your activity.
  • With or without a subpoena, a government agency can monitor a person’s interests, activity or behavior.
  • Even our Internet providers will share, and sell, information about our online activity.

How is this possible? How can they do it without our permission?

Here’s how. They match Internet activity to our IP address, which is something like a phone number for an active Internet connection. And there are many places where you leave your IP address online for anyone to grab…and then to peer into your life.

You might be thinking there’s nothing you can do about it.

Not true! You can reclaim your online privacy by using a Virtual Private Network…a VPN.


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A VPN is your ticket to regaining your internet privacy.

Nobody wants to believe that their government might be spying on them, but it happens. We don’t want to believe our ISP (Internet Service Provider) is tracking our activities online (and selling that information) but they’re doing it. And we can’t imagine a hacker stealing data in transit and seeing what we’re doing, but they always try.

These are the realities of our day with the technology we all use. Our privacy has been diminishing for years, and it can feel hopeless. The good news is, you can fight back and regain your privacy.

Use a VPN and regain some of your internet privacy!

Maybe you’ve heard about VPNs before, but haven’t gotten around to using one for yourself.

It’s time you did.

A VPN can help you prevent outsiders from sticking their noses in your private life, personal business and online activities.

Click to learn how a VPN can help you get more Internet privacy.



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