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Password Security, Simplicity and a Stress-Free Life: Sound Good to You?

New Year's Resolution: I Will Be Password Smart (with the help of a Password Manager)

Here’s one New Year’s resolution for 2022 that you can take care of with one simple declaration. “I will sign up for a password manager as soon as I can!” 

This very important New Year’s Resolution will 1) boost your password security instantly 2) make your day-to-day logging into accounts simpler, all while 3) removing a lot of stress and worry

You can’t go wrong, and you’ll be doing the right thing.

We’ve made it simple for you to do, too. Of the many choices out there, we’ve picked out a few of the best password managers for you:

You can get a password manager for free, so money shouldn’t be the issue. And with passwords being so vulnerable these days, we need all the help we can get creating, storing and protecting them—for your accounts, finances and privacy. As with most things, you get more with a paid version—which is only a few dollars a month. It’s your choice. 

Password security and simplicity = password manager

I really don’t have to work hard to convince you that getting a password manager is a very wise thing to do. As you start to explore all its offerings (once you sign up for one!) you’ll know you made a smart move. 

So, what’s the bottom line? A password manager (anyone) is an app/software programs that helps you manage and protect not just your passwords, but your bank, credit card, social media, Amazon and other accounts. 

A password manager is a safety deposit box where all your passwords are stored, remembered and protected.

All your passwords are safe. The password manager’s encryption protects them completely. Best of all, only you have the password to open the ‘vault’—the password manager app—where they’re stored.

Instead of thinking of it as a password manager, why not think of it as an account protector.

  • Better yet, the password manager comes with a second level of security (it’s real a second layer of control) that double checks it’s you who is opening the ‘vault’ and requesting one of your passwords. 
  • You can store every password you have with your password manager. You never have to look it up again. 
  • Not only are they there for you, but they password manager will protect them with encryption and other powerful security features.
Absolutely Doable and It's Free.

Try a password manager now, for better password security and safety.

Interestingly, the key to your password manager account starts with creating one password. From there, your online life gets better. It will be the ONE PASSWORD that you either store somewhere (physically or digitally) where you can retrieve it. 

  • When you log-in to an account, your password manager program will be there to feed you your password…and you have to verify that it’s you who’s signing in.
  • That’s the case for every password you store in your password manager vault.

Password security is important to us and to you.

All the passwords you connect to your password manager will never be safer. Here are a few other articles we’ve written about the topic of passwords:

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No one uses dumb passwords, right?

Using a ‘brute-force’ attack, hackers still break passwords

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