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Online Privacy

What You Need to Know about Privacy Statements and Cookies

If you browse online, you’ve probably come across websites that ask you about privacy statements and cookies. At times, online privacy statements are lengthy, convoluted texts of boring legal jargon. Yet, it seems like every app and every online purchase requires agreeing to them. We’ve all been guilty of scanning through and signing online privacy…

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7 Ways to Shore Up Your Social Media Privacy

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. And yet, we take for granted how much information is readily available on social networks. The focus is on friends or building follower counts but random people can sneak through the cracks and they may not have the best intentions.  A quick search could get…

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A Deep Dive into The California Consumer Privacy Act and what it means for CyberSecurity

It’s no secret websites and apps collect and monetize your data. Things like your search history, interests, and location may seem arbitrary or even necessary, but should people be profiting off of it? This is one of the major ethical and cybersecurity issues of our time. This information can be used to more effectively inundate…

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Your Social Media Has Been Hacked And You Don’t Even Know It

Your aunt just got a hot tip from you about an amazing NFT investment opportunity and your best friend just got a sketchy link from you which she wasn’t sure she should open. Your social media has been hacked and you’re the last one to know.  If this has happened to you, you are certainly…

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How to Set Up a VPN on PlayStation

If you’ve ever wanted to access location-blocked content with your PS5, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t use VPN apps on your PlayStation. While Sony discourages users from using VPNs by not making them available in the PlayStation store, there are still ways to use a VPN with your PlayStation console. This guide covers two…

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Fernando Corbato

The Guy Who Invented the Password Did It Out of Need, Not Security

The idea of using login passwords today is so common that it seems incredible that anyone would have had to invent it. 

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Revenge Content & You: How to Keep Your Intimate Content off the Net

We’ve all been there. When bad break-ups go worse. Someone flies off the handle and decides to do something rash. This could be an ex-girlfriend throwing your clothes in the street, or a husband throwing his wife’s make-up in the toilet in a fit of rage. But thanks to the Internet this spiteful behavior can…

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Can a VPN Do That? What a VPN Is NOT

A VPN is a useful tool for keeping your internet activity more private. They were first developed for the corporate world but they’ve become essential for personal computer users who browse the web.  The popularity of VPNs has brought up some misconceptions, though. Many Internet users seem to think that VPNs are the answer to…

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