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How to Find Hidden Profiles on Social Networks

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Being scammed on social networks can adversely affect our lives. Being tricked into sending money to someone with the promise of receiving a “prize” can also impact our financial health long-term. Investing our time and effort into regularly talking to someone and then eventually finding out that they’ve catfished us can become the reason why we lose interest in looking for a partner.   

For most, our lives will never be the same again after we’ve experienced scams on social networking platforms, which is why most of us will attempt to find hidden profiles on this platform. Many of us will use this method in an attempt to discover the identity of our scammers so that we can file a complaint against them. 

Although challenging, finding hidden profiles on social networks is an achievable task. We can try the hacks listed below to reach as many users as possible and identify scammers:

1.   Search by Nicknames

It’s common for us to use a person’s first name when searching for them on social networks. However, this technique doesn’t always give us accurate results. 

To expand our search, we can always use abbreviations or nicknames. For example, if we’re looking for someone named Jennifer, we can try typing in Jenny or Jen on social networks. We can also look for Chris instead of Christian, or Sam instead of Samantha. 

Using the maiden name of the person instead of their married name can also increase our chances of finding hidden profiles

2.   Search by Usernames

Social networks, like Twitter and Instagram, require us to come up with our own usernames. Instead of our full names, the username we choose will be plastered on our profile. 

We should consider the possible usernames of the person we’re looking for and use them when finding them on social networks. For example, if someone uses @supersam in their Twitter profile, we should use the same username when searching for them on Facebook and other social networks. 

When searching for usernames, we should also be as creative as possible because Twitter and Instagram allow their users to use any name they want. We can even try searching by usernames with alphanumeric combinations. 

3.   Search All Sites

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media platforms worldwide, but it’s not the only platform available. Aside from Facebook, millions of people also use Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Some people also use art sites and marketplaces to connect with others. 

With the number of social networks that anyone can use today, it’s best if we also try to find hidden profiles outside of Facebook. Using other social networks might seem new or strange, but taking this direction will increase our chances of finding hidden profiles. 

4.   Search Through Their Friends

Since countless individuals use different social networks today, it’s easier for us to find people who can connect us to the person we’re looking for. In most cases, some of our mutual friends might be their acquaintances, close friends, or even relatives. 

We can also search through other friends to find hidden profiles in social networks. We can message other people on various social networks and inquire if they know the person we’re looking for. Although tiring, the effort we put into searching through their friends will be worth it once we’re able to find the hidden profile we’re looking for. 

5. Hire Professionals and Perform a Reverse Search with Social Catfish

There are many ways to find hidden profiles on social networks, but because scammers are also using advanced tools nowadays, getting a hold of them can pose a challenge. This is especially true if we’re unfamiliar with the technical aspect of how searches work on social networks. 

Fortunately, all is not lost, because we can always work with the search specialist from Social Catfish to help us identify scammers. By investing in their expertise, we’ll have peace of mind knowing that we can finally discover who scammed us and ensure that they won’t trick us or another person in the future again. 

We can also perform a reverse search using the Social Catfish reverse search platform! All you need is a name, email address, phone number, social media username, or image to figure out if the person in question has a hidden social media profile. It’s as easy as going onto the Social Catfish website, typing the information into the search bar, signing up for a Social Catfish membership, and waiting a few minutes for your results!


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