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There Will Be Scam Victims As Long As Bad People Lie to Good People

Scams Happen Because Bad People Lie to Good People

Those who are good hearted, shy, or quiet make good scam victims, but they can learn how to avoid the traps.

I consider myself a lucky guy, and it’s not because I’ve avoid the list of scams victims. Rather, it’s because I have a collection of good friends. What I mean is this—most of the friends I have are nice people.

Many of the people I know are even tempered, good hearted, decent men and women. Even to a fault. From business colleagues to those I socialize with, the majority of them treat others, even strangers, fairly and decently.

The world needs more people like that.

And that’s why I worry about them becoming scam victims.

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It’s not because they’re not intelligent. They’re all smart.

It’s because nice people make good scam victims

Because as smart as they are, their nice-people characteristics, their tendencies to give most people the time a day, a willing ear, and the benefit of the doubt—make them more susceptible for scam artists.

And it’s not the only reason I’m concerned.

It’s also because scammers aren’t letting up anytime soon.

Scammers gotta scam.

In much the same way decent people tend to consistently act decently, con artists, frauds and scammers are constantly looking to trick people out of their money.

You might think that with the COVID-19 pandemic and all the trouble the world went through in 2020 with the loss of jobs and income, and a world health crisis, scammers would’ve taken a break.

Not the case.

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in 2020 there U.S. citizens reported 2.2 million instances of fraud. Those cased added up to at least $3.3 billion dollars in losses.

That means when out-of-work, hurting, fearful people needed money the most, scammers were right there, ready to take advantage of their vulnerability.

You can read an article about the scams from 2020 on the FTC website.

Are nice people doomed to fall prey?

Not at all.  It is absolutely possible for anyone to learn how to develop some skills and habits.

  • The key is this: people need to be exposed to the traps that are out there.
  • They need to learn tried-and-true responses.
  • They need to turn to friends when they suspect something is off.

One of the reasons I created and started the Easy Prey podcast was to help everyone learn how to avoid fraud, scams, and other dangers we face, online and offline.

On the website, you’ll find a handful of blog posts about scams and fraud. One of them is precisely about the topic I’m on right now. Here’s a link:

The blog post includes a colorful and fun infographic showing 8 easy tips to help anyone avoid walking into a scam.

Nice guys can finish first!

I’ve published 60 episodes so far, with experts touching on everything from romance scams to pet scams, Ponzi schemes and psychopaths.

You can find all the episodes here. If you subscribe, you’ll get alerts whenever a new episode is posted.


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