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How to Beat Scammers and Phishers at Their Own Game!

Two-Factor Authentication: Worry-Free

“Use a form or two-factor authentication so no one but you can log into your accounts. It’s how you can beat scammers and phishers.” – Chris Parker, CEO of

Complicated and technical terms can confuse us, and that’s too bad, because we really need to know about some helpful solutions out there. That’s the case with two-factor authentication (or 2FA).  

What is it 2FA? It’s a way, a second or extra step at login, that ensures only you can log into your accounts. EVEN IF someone has your  username and password, they cannot log in because of two-factor authentication.

Take a look!

Two Factor Authentication Infographic

Let’s beat scammers and phishers.

It’s important for you to know how to protect your accounts, so knowing about two-factor authentication is vitally important.

We have an article that covers the bases in clear, non-technical language. It might be the best place to get started!

Take time to learn new strategies and you can beat scammers and phishers at their own game.

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