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Advice for Avoiding Scams.

The Ten Scammandments

There are so many scams and so many people losing money. What we really need more than anything is good advice for avoiding scams. Advice we can remember, trust and follow.

Chris Parker, the host of the Easy Prey podcast, is committed to helping people avoid scams by raising their awareness. He’s interviewed hundreds of guests who share their insights about the

dangers and traps lurking in the real world. “The goal of the podcast and content on the website,” Chris explains “is to educate and equip you so you learn how to spot the warning signs of trouble, take quick action and lower your chances of becoming a victim of a scam.”

As part of helping us glean the best advice from the experts on avoiding scams, Chris put together a condensed list of what he believes are the top ten bits of advice for avoiding a scam.  

Rules for Avoiding Devastating, Money-Stealing Scams

  1. Do not let the promise of riches cloud your judgment and common sense.
  2. Never give money to any online romantic interest for any logical-sounding reason.
  3. Never provide your Social Security Number, Driver License Number, or Medical Card Number to anyone who asks for it.
  4. Do not reply to any phone calls, texts or emails from government agencies, your bank or other organizations.
  5. You will be skeptical of every phone call, text message or email you receive out of the blue.
  6. You will “disengage” from anyone who suddenly brings money into the conversation.
  7. Do not give money to someone or make an urgent payment to anyone without telling someone first, no matter the urgency.
  8. You will refuse to believe what you hear, see or are told by people who reach out to you.
  9. You must remember that there are evil people in the world, especially online.
  10. You will be skeptical of any and all online and social media interactions. When in doubt, stop.
The Ten Scammandments™ were developed by

Following The Ten Scammandments™ will help you avoid scams and help protect your money, privacy and identity.  

Help Protect Others: Share the Advice for Avoiding Scams.

Many of the guest experts Chris has talked to on the Easy Prey Podcast have offered and shared the same message about avoiding scams:

It’s all about increasing our scam awareness. It’s important for everyone to increase their personal awareness of scams, schemes and red flags to help you spot them. More than that, we all should be talking to people we care about, making them aware of the dangers that exist online.

Share the ten scammandments™ with those you care about.

The Easy Prey Podcast and Other Scam Prevention Resources.

On the Easy Prey website, you’ll find a blog section that has a handful of articles you can read and share with others. Each article also includes an infographic that illustrates the subject in a visually entertaining way.

Absolutely Doable and It's Free.

Of course, you should consider following the Easy Prey Podcast. By subscribing online, whether on your favorite podcast platform or on the website, you’ll have easy access to every episode.

Better than that, you’ll hear some of the top anti-scam professionals share their insights on the topic. Quite frankly, you simply won’t get those perspectives by hearing about the latest devastating scam(s) on the news or from your friends and family. Subscribe today.

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