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AI Opportunities for Investing and New Technology

Howard Getson has advice for investors and entrepreneurs about AI opportunities.

We’re living in a world of rapidly changing technology. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is helping us create new things, advance current processes, and find new investment options. If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, exploring AI opportunities is especially valuable.

See Don’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey podcast episode.

Howard Getson is the president and CEO of Capitalogix, an AI company that builds the AIs that run hedge funds. He explores different ways of leveraging AI or amplified intelligence to create results. He is also on the advisory council of Hasting Center of Bioethics and AI Research Institute.

Artificial Intelligence and Amplified Intelligence

People get interested in AI and other processes like automation because they want to amplify intelligence. They want to be able to go from guessing something to knowing something. Amplified intelligence helps you make better decisions, take smarter actions, and improve performance. It’s not a specific technology so much as a goal – to do things better.

Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is a specific technology. Very few technologies last even twenty-five years, what what you get from that technology can last much longer. AI can be used to amplify intelligence and improve.

Howard thinks amplified intelligence will cross industry boundaries. AI opportunities exist beyond the technological sphere. We know that change will happen, but we don’t yet know what it means. There’s a lot of volatility, so that means there’s a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Technological AI Opportunities

AI is already smarter than us. You can make it do any specific thing you want, but you can’t make it do everything – yet. Despite thousands of millions of algorithms running behind the scenes, an AI is still not human. It doesn’t have empathy and doesn’t understand what other bots are doing.

[AI]’s not smarter than us at everything, but it’s smarter than us about anything.

Howard Getson

Technology is advancing rapidly. Howard never had to push a plow through a field, and by the time his granddaughter grows up, she may never need to learn to drive a car. AI opportunities and other technological advancement frees us to imagine better things.

AI opportunities allow humans to do what humans do best and let AI take care of the drudge work.

With new technologies like generalized AI, fully autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, lab-grown meat, and more, the world will change. But humans will still do work. We’ll continue to find things to do the same way there are still farmers today – they just do things differently.

As technology raises the level of what’s possible, it frees the human to say, “Oh, what do I want to do? What should I do – what could I do? What would actually create the most value and impact?”

Howard Getson

Creating Value With Technology

In the 1990s, the internet was just about to become big. If you were familiar with technology back than and had known the internet was going to be a big thing, you wouldn’t have bet on CompUSA going out of business. The company was foundational to what the internet was. You also wouldn’t have thought record stores would disappear or people would buy cars online. But the technology keeps changing.

People are really good at understanding there’s a turning point coming, but they’re not really good at knowing how to time it or to understand the implications.

Howard Getson

It’s difficult to invest in AI opportunities and other technologies when it’s changing so fast. Howard has an exercise that he does to spot the upcoming trends that would make good investments.

First, think about technologies that exist. There’s no uncertainty about whether someone could build it because someone already has. These technologies are ones that will completely change an industry in the next three to five years. (Howard’s examples: AI, electric vehicles, blockchain.)

Second, think about what technology hasn’t been invented yet, but that you think is inevitable. The question is not “Will someone invent this?” but “When will it happen and be usable?” Take quantum computers. Howard thinks there’s no doubt that they will happen, the question is when. Consider a few emerging technologies that could change everything in an industry.

You don’t have to be the person who invents the new technology, but you don’t have to be the one trampled by it either. Your unique ability is finding opportunity in a likely future that you imagine. It’s not just about what happens when, it’s about what you’re going to do with it.

AI Opportunities Come With Dangers

There are many great AI opportunities, but there are also dangers. If you fee an AI system bad data, you’ll get bad results.

If you have an AI system and want to scam somebody, it wouldn’t be difficult. You could create a social media post saying, “I made this much money with this! Look at this data! Look at this momentum!” Then other people would start saying they did it too. All of the sudden, you have random people thinking it sounds great. This is exactly what happened with GameStop in early 2021.

It’s easy for technology to manipulate things like that. Technology will learn to lie, and humans will use it to lie. But technology will realize that lying is a strategy with a positive expectancy. One of the many AI opportunities out there is the opportunity to use it for harm.

Believing that technology will not learn how to lie is silly.

Howard Getson

AI Opportunities in the Next 25 Years

AI opportunities are going to explode in the next twenty-five years. Howard believes it’s inevitable, even if you don’t know how yet. You could go get an EKG done, and AI could read your results and send alerts to your doctor. There are so many places were AI could make your life better without you even noticing.

If you’re an entrepreneur or investor, emerging tech like AI has upsides and downsides. AI opportunities are balanced by AI perils. You can celebrate that it’s never been easier to get faster, or be frustrated that it’s never been easier to get bad data. What you choose to focus on is up to you.

Howard Getson offers a presentation about AI that you can get for free by texting AI to 972-922-1100. You will also get weekly articles personally curated by Howard, ranging from business to science to human interest. Howard is always looking for potential collaborators who think they can use his AI platform to make what they do better. You can also find Capitalogix online at

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