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ALERT: Scam Texts, the Latest Dirty Trick!

scam texts

Know how spot and avoid text messages from scammers.

We’re constantly on our phones…and scammers know it. If you haven’t received any strange texts lately, get ready. Scam texts are on the rise and their coming straight to your iPhone or Android from scammers.

You should expect to get unusual texts that gets your attention or interest. Something like this:

  • You’ve won a prize. Click the link for details
  • You’re eligible for a tax refund.
  • You have a package delivery you need to confirm
  • Your bank account has been compromised

Don’t be fooled. Be on the lookout and know what to do.

Scam Texts Infographic

Scam Texts (“smishing”) works when we’re busy or distracted.

As mentioned above, scammers know that just about everyone is on their smartphones constantly. They also know that we’re using are phones to connect to every aspect of our lives.

These are all facts of life that scammers know and count on to make their fraudulent text messages work. If you fall for a deceptive text from a scammer, you could wind up giving away personal information or account numbers.

Learn how to stay safe!

That’s why it’s up to you to be up to speed on the latest tricks and schemes that scammers use to trick their victims. The more you know about smishing, the better you’ll be at catching a deceptive text before it tricks you into replying, clicking on a link or sending any information or money.  Follow the advice above and you’ll help keep scammers out your text messages and your life.

For more advice on avoiding scams and fraud online, follow the Easy Prey podcast, hosted by Chris Parker. He interviews experts on a range of topics that will help can help you avoid scams and other troubles online and in the real world. 

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