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100 Episodes of the Easy Prey Podcast

Celebrating the 100th episode of Chris Parker's Easy Prey Podcast.

From his childhood in Southern California during the era when the PC was born, Chris Parker showed an interest in technology. Unsurprisingly, he has been connected to technology and the internet throughout his entire life. In 2000, he launched as a hobby project. It provided a way to solve a common tech problem at the time: Finding your computer’s IP address.

By 2008, was pulling in a million visitors per month. A few years later it reached 5 million monthly visitors. After he was laid off from his day job in 2014, Chris finally had the opportunity to work on full-time. This attention turned into a top-1000 site with over 9 million unique monthly visitors, a wide variety of IP-related tools, and an extensive library of privacy and security resources.

100 episodes of the Easy Prey podcast.

Chris recently published the 100th episode of the Easy Prey Podcast. That represents nearly two years of weekly episodes about cybercrime, social engineering, self-defense, ransomware, romance scams, and everything in between. Past guests have included the narcissism expert Dr. Ramani Durvasula, founder Troy Hunt of data breach site, computer programmer John McAffee, former CMO of Kodak Jeffrey Hayzlett, and former FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi. Considering that half of all podcasts never get past 14 episodes, it’s clear that people want to know how to stay safe and avoid scams online.

Want to see what’s happening on the podcast? Check out episode 100 here, or see all episodes at

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