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We Become Easy Prey for Scams When We Lose Our Focus

What makes us easy prey

Under Certain Circumstances, We Become Easy Prey

Millions of people get scammed every year. It can happen to anyone: young or old, rich or poor, and those who say “it will never happen to me!” Here are 7 everyday life situations where you become easy prey for scams.

How We Become Easy Prey for a Scam Infographic

Your emotions and feelings could make you easy prey for scams.

You may think your attitudes and beliefs are set in stone, but that’s clearly not always the case. A change of circumstances or opportunities can get our attention or create motivations that weren’t there before—or were lurking just under the surface.

Of course, a con artist doesn’t know how your day, week or month is going, and they don’t care. They simply hope that when they call you with their creative and fraudulent scheme, you’ll be attuned to what they have to say. 

It’s possible that you might be more receptive to a message on any given day that you ignored days before. 

With change of mind and change of heart, you might unintentionally allow yourself to be easy prey for scams.

Letting your guard down. 

Sometimes, the fact that you haven’t been scammed before works against you. Why? Because it’s easy to feel like scammers just have no place in your world. You believe you’re safe because you don’t put yourself in situation where you could be a victim of fraud. 

However, that’s not the best way to look at it, as the infographic illustrates so well. Fact is, we might have a different attitude toward something one day to the next.

For example, a friend might announce that he never goes to sporting events. Yet, if someone gives him a free ticket in a luxury booth, that attitude could change instantly.

It’s when we’re in a good mood, a lonely mood, or feeling extra charitable that our “normal” decision-making might change. 

You are a target for a scam every day, but that doesn’t mean you’ll become a victim. The more you know, the easier it is to spot a scam.

Read the full article that goes with the infographic, and share it with others.

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