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Tech Tips So You Can Be the Final Girl

Imagine you’re in your favorite slasher flick. You are on the run from Michael Myers or Jason. What do you do? We all think we have what it takes to survive a horror movie. We yell at the screen. We share our strategies. We think we’d totally make it to the end. But when the…

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How to Stay Entertained While Self-Isolating During the Coronavirus Crisis

So you’re self-isolating while trying to balance work, home, and in some cases school all under one roof without losing it. At least you can take comfort in knowing that even though you may be isolated, the rest of the world is staying home and getting cabin fever too.  Day one and two probably felt…

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Cons Will Try to Steal Your Coronavirus Stimulus Check Money…Before You Even Get It!

Read, learn and share this important message with others. Fact: The U.S. Government will be mailing or direct depositing checks to most working Americans over the next few weeks (as of March 28, 2020). You do not have to do a thing to get your check. Sad Fact: Still, scammers will be targeting millions, maybe…

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Data Breaches with Troy Hunt

Has your information ever been compromised in a data breach? There are security measures you can implement to lessen the effects. Troy Hunt shares about the frequency and increasing size of data breaches of personal information. Don’t miss the end where we share lots of strategies you can put in place today to better protect your information.

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Likeness Theft with Jeffrey Hayzlett

In today’s internet age we are meeting more and more people online. How do we use this incredible resource wisely and keep our families safe?

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“Shark Tank” Star Gets Scammed for Nearly $400K—and Amazingly Gets It Back

Her shark tale about her business getting scammed via a fake email is all too common. Getting the money back is rare. Let it be a lesson to learn now.  In case you missed it, there was yet another story about yet another corporate scam—and this one made the news because it involved a celebrity…

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Easy Prey Podcast Introduction

Hi, I’m Chris Parker and thank you for checking out the Easy Prey Podcast—where I interview fascinating guests, both victims, and experts, to provide entertaining and eye-opening information on the important topic of scams, fraud, and more.

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Big Data

How Brands are Using Your Data

Do you know what the hottest commodity on the market is these days? I’ll give you a few guesses. Did you say a trending stock or cryptocurrency? Then, you would be wrong. It’s information. We hear so much on the news about data leaks and identity theft that targets businesses and individuals that it makes…

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