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Dr. Michele Borba has suggestions to help children reduce stress and build resilience.

Help Your Child Reduce Stress and Become Resilient

One in every three children has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder like anxiety or ADHD since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Now more than ever, it’s essential to learn how to reduce stress and minimize anxiety. See 7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety with Dr. Michele Borba for a complete transcript of the Easy Prey…

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What Can You Get From Your Search History and Is It Even Worth Downloading?

If we were to broadcast our individual search history, the results could prove confusing, if not downright embarrassing. We may not be searching for anything particularly scandalous, but even still, the heat of shame may redden our cheeks.  A scroll through a week of one person’s internet searches could reveal “Fusion Theory” and “How to…

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Essential Documents (and Apps) to Take with You When You Travel Overseas

When you book a trip to travel abroad, you feel excited for the adventures that await you. But there’s risk involved with travel, especially when leaving your home country. To help mitigate that risk, it’s important to bring the right documents with you. For most overseas trips, you will need a variety of physical and…

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Keystroke Logging: How to Keep Yourself Safe from a Keylogger

There’s seemingly no end to the way cybercriminals can attack you and your personal data. One type of attack that’s been used for decades and is still prevalent is keylogging. Imagine if everything you typed on your keyboard or tapped on your mobile device’s keyboard was recorded and stored somewhere and someone can read all…

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AI Opportunities for Investing and New Technology

We’re living in a world of rapidly changing technology. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is helping us create new things, advance current processes, and find new investment options. If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, exploring AI opportunities is especially valuable. See Don’t Miss Opportunities Created by AI with Howard Getson for a complete transcript…

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10 of the Most Popular, Badly Behaved Apps and Why You Should Never Install Them

We learn at a young age that what’s popular isn’t always right.  In a technological world with millions of featured apps, it’s tough to know what’s safe to download. Are all popular apps well-behaved? Should we base our decision to download an app on the number of total downloads and high ratings?  The truth is, some…

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Tim Larkin teaches self-defense techniques to many people.

Effective Self-Defense Techniques

Many people seek to learn self-defense techniques only after they’ve encountered a violent situation. But as the saying goes, the best way to win a fight is to never get into a fight in the first place. Self-defense starts before you ever encounter a violent situation. See When Violence is the Answer with Tim Larkin…

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What is Stalkerware? How to Protect Yourself from Getting Pawned by Online Prowlers

Netflix’s You has changed the face of stalkers. In it, former Gossip Girl star Penn Badgely plays Joe Goldberg, a lovable rom-com hero who just happens to also be a deranged serial-killing stalker. There are more Joe Goldbergs out there than you might think and they are taking advantage of technological advancements to take their…

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