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What is Base64 encoding?

For those who don’t work in IT, coding terminology can feel a bit overwhelming. However, developing basic knowledge surrounding beneficial encoding and online security measures is easier than you might think.   One such term is Base64 coding. It may sound like a phrase used in science fiction films, but it’s actually an integral component in…

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A finger pointing a a search bar for ip addresses

How to find a website’s host provider by IP Address?

Not all websites are created equal. Some may inspire you with their design and content and their high user traffic. You may feel compelled to build your own website and host it with the inspirational site’s provider. Others may include misinformation or plagiarism, and you want to see the website taken down. In both of…

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Marti DeLiema talks about risk factors and vulnerability in scams scamming the elderly.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones from Criminals Scamming the Elderly

Scammers target everyone. Young or old, rich or poor, tech-savvy or a fan of flip phones, scammers are happy to take money from anyone. But scammers especially love scamming the elderly. Older adults tend to be more vulnerable to certain types of scams – and not necessarily for the reasons you think. See Financial Vulnerability…

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An employee using a computer that displays a network security on the screen

How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack (at Work and at Home)

You will be a victim of a cyber attack at some point. They happen so frequently these days, with new security gaps being discovered and exploited every day. No matter how safe you’re being online, you’re human. You can easily slip up — and cyber attackers these days are relentless. Where does this leave you?…

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A hacker with a progress bar on computer in dark room

Types of Cyber Attacks and How to Prepare for Them

The term cyber attack may cause your palms to sweat and your body to shake in fear. Cyber attacks sound as malevolent as terrorist attacks, and in some ways they can prove just as harmful.  Many of us assume we’ll never have to deal with this threat — we have Internet security and firewall protection…

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An image of forensic image

Digital Forensics | How to Protect Your Data and Your Privacy

Digital forensics is a subcategory of forensic science that looks at evidence found on computers, digital devices, internet networks, and any other digital platform. If forensics is the science of investigating a crime scene, think of digital forensics as the science of investigating a digital crime scene.  When someone uses the internet or a digital…

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Mike Kiser talks about job scams and identity.

Job Scams and Identity: The Connection You Need to Know

In 2020, the whole world went online. In some ways, that has been very beneficial. But in other ways, it has put us at risk. There are still few ways to validate or authenticate an identity online, so it’s difficult to know if a person or company you’re communicating with is fake. Because of this,…

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iPhone Safety for Seniors

Making Phones Hack-Proof for Seniors, Friends and Family.

There are number of ways seniors can be fooled by scammers via their phones. However, there are seven ways we can help seniors and others be more scam savvy.

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