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SIM Card Scammers

SIM Swapping. Scammers are taking over our smartphones…and text messages too!

Fraudsters are taking over cellphones using a trick called SIM swapping. It happens behind back and you won’t even know when it happens. Beware.

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About the Website Redesign

I hope you like the redesign and how we’ve improved the website for you. The IP tools and articles are all there for you, along with a few special features you’ll discover as you navigate our new-look site. Better Performance. Our website’s now running on a more-advanced platform. Better User Experience. The pages and…

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Twitter Hack

Twitter Hack Lessons: Employees Often Help Hackers Succeed.

There was huge hack of Twitter in Summer of 2020. with all kinds of surprises. Here’s what made it newsworthy: The mastermind of the attack was a 17-year-old from Florida. He didn’t act alone: He recruited for his attack 19- and 22-year old guys from overseas. The leader of the Twitter hack managed to achieve…

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Free VPN: Here are the Best Ones and Info All About Virtual Private Networks

.,There are several very good VPNs, if you know where to look. Here’s a guide.

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Giving Tuesday

On “Giving Tuesday,” Don’t Let Your Heart Lead You Into a Charity Scam

Take Steps to Protect Your Much-Needed Donations…especially on Giving Tuesday. The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving is recognized globally as Giving Tuesday. It is the day where people around the world unite in spirit to show love and support in a variety of ways—which includes donating to the charities they care about most. That’s the good…

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Credit Skimming

Credit Card Skimmers Siphon Card Numbers at Gas Pumps

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about things like credit card skimmers, cybercriminals, scammers and other thieves trying to separate us from our money,and steal money and personal information however they can. But we don’t live in a perfect world. And if we don’t keep that top of mind daily, crooks will…

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Data Breach

Four Reasons to Run a Data Breach Check ASAP.

Use the Data Breach Check resource from Here’s a word of advice: Unless you’ve done a data breach check recently, you won’t know if the network attack hurt you our might one day. I’d heard about major corporate hacks (data breaches) before (like Experian, LinkedIn, The Home Depot) and I’m sure you have too.…

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A Remote Worker Cybersecurity Checklist

With more people working remotely from home, it’s important to boost security for the home office.

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