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Getting Hacked 101: Has Your Device   Been Hacked or Is Your Account Compromised?

It’s common to fear getting hacked but you may not exactly know how it will happen or what to do when it does. The whole ordeal can be insanely stressful and that anxiety can quickly escalate as you try to get your device or account back in working order. To effectively solve the issue, you…

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What, Me Worry?

Internet Truths: What You Should Realize Before Using the Internet Again.

You can do everything on a phone or computer: Shop. Bank. Make new friends. Become famous! So, what’s to worry about?  Actually, more than you think, and maybe more than you want to know.

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Hostage Situations: Don’t be a Target

You may think that if you’re not fabulously wealthy, you don’t need to worry about being taken hostage. But money isn’t the only reason you might find yourself in a hostage situation. It’s important to know how and why targets are selected. See Hostage Taking with Rachel Briggs, OBE for a complete transcript of the…

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It must be the collar!

Why Do Weight-Loss Scams Work? Don’t Find Out the Hard Way

Weight-loss scams and other health fraud are a part of our digital lives. More than that, there’s no one preventing scammers or money-hungry companies from peddling their alluring but ineffective products on us. 

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What is Shadowbanning & How to Avoid It

Social media has become all about algorithms.  Whether you’re chasing followers, likes, swipes, or fame you can end up under the thumb of the algorithm. The issue is: what if the algorithm decides not to share your posts? What if people can’t find your profile, see your photos or read your posts? When something like…

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Cyber Insurance: What Is It and Do You Need It?

Cyberattacks on individuals and companies have evolved to such an extent that good cybersecurity has become a fundamental part of daily life. Even as experts develop ways to thwart cybercriminals, hackers keep getting around their defenses. That means that all the sensitive information about you or your company is at risk of being stolen, sold,…

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Steve Gibson answers the question, "Is the internet safe?"

Is the Internet Safe? The Past (and Future) of Internet Security

When the internet first started, nobody asked, “Is the internet safe?” Trust was just assumed. But today, how can you know what to trust on the internet? Steve Gibson has participated in the PC industry since it began, and he has some thoughts. See Online Security: Just Hope for the Best with Steve Gibson for…

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The Definitive List to Reporting Fake Social Media Accounts

In our influencer-informed culture, everyone wants more followers, friends, or contacts for their social networks.  After all, you may be networking, building a brand, or promoting your business. You might get an unexpected follow or a random friend request which is great for any budding entrepreneur, influencer, or content creator. And yet, these requests can…

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