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The Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps for iOS and Android

You’ve heard it before: strong passwords help secure your accounts. But even a strong password might not be enough. If there’s a data breach and your info gets published online, it won’t matter if your password is “password123” or “q35Hiu%iL18.” Hackers will still be able to use it to get into your account. To make…

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How the Biggest Hacks of the 2010s Compromised User Security

The 2010s was one of the worst decades from a cybersecurity standpoint. Some breaches were geopolitical, going after nation-states. But many affected individuals and their data. Here’s a list of some of the biggest hacks of the 2010s that compromised user security and changed the way we think about cybersecurity. The Democratic National Committee The…

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What is an NFT?

The invention of blockchain technology has entirely shifted the way that we think about currency. Multiple forms of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum, have creeped up utilizing this technology to create decentralized financial systems. Instead of being reliant on supercomputers or banks to protect our money, the collective crypto community works together to manage…

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How to Make a Temporary Email Address and When to Use It

Most of us have signed up for a website’s product or service, only to receive a deluge of spam emails afterward. This is annoying, and while there are several ways to declutter your inbox, one of the most effective strategies is creating a temporary email address. Temporary, or disposable email addresses take no time to…

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Mandrake Android Virus

Mandrake Spyware Could Be Lurking Inside Your Android Phone

Cybercrooks know people live on their phones and scammers have shifted plenty of attention to attacking our smartphones, as they do with our computers. They’ll send your phone text messages and emails with links to corrupted files that have virus and spyware.

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Everything You Need to Know About Apple Private Relay

In recent years, Apple’s worked hard to gain a reputation for protecting your privacy. The company’s forthcoming feature, Private Relay, which will be released for iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, is the latest attempt to secure your personal data. For the most part, Private Relay seems like a positive addition to iOS/macOS devices and adds…

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How to Manage Privacy Settings on Facebook and Why You Should

So much is happening on social media at any given time. It’s become a natural part of life. In between scrolling through photos, random political rants, and quizzes you can often miss what personal information you are haphazardly sharing on Facebook.  Yes, your privacy is in your hands, sort of. But apart from the information…

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Are Your Kids Faking Their GPS Location?

GPS tracking on kids’ phones isn’t new. Apps like Family Tracker and Find My Kids allow parents to see the GPS location of their children’s smartphones at all times. Many parents consider this kind of tracking necessary, so they can be sure of their child’s whereabouts. Some kids are fine with being tracked as well.…

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