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IPv6 In the summer of 2015 the Internet ran out of IP addresses to distribute (allocate) to organizations that needed more for their networks. As you might know, all devices connected to the Internet need a unique IP address.

Fortunately, a new version of IP addresses was waiting in the wings—it is called IPv6.

The information in this section will help you understand IPv6 and what the transition to the new IP address is all about.

  1. What is IPv6?
  2. Is your Internet provider using IPv6?
  3. Interim workarounds for IPv6
  4. The day the Internet ran out of IP addresses
  5. The IP address panic of 2015
  6. Hey, can you spare an IP address?
  7. IPv6 Q&A for technicians
  8. IPv6 Q&A for everybody
  9. The coming switch to IPv6
  10. IPv6 Deployment Hits 10%
  11. What is IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack?
  12. Dual Stack Check
  13. Are You Getting IPv6 Soon?
  14. Five Things to Know About the NEW IP Address Format
  15. Are You Having Issues with IPv6?