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How Safe are Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App?

Our digital lives and new work-from-home lifestyles have made it more common than ever to rely on apps and devices. It was inevitable we’d end up exchanging money using our phones. Apps like Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, and Cash App all let you send and receive money from your phone or computer. These apps have been…

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Hacking News: They Don’t Always Break In. Sometimes We Let Them In.

A hacker’s job is exciting…for them. It’s a game of cat and mouse, lies and tricks. It’s a numbers game—they know they need to put in the time to get one person on the hook.

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The Safest Cloud Storage Apps in 2021

Storing your files in the cloud is one of the easiest ways to back up your computer. Cloud services are ubiquitous these days, and many offer free storage up to a certain amount. Most cloud storage apps are user-friendly and sync across multiple devices as well. While being free and easy to use are significant…

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Who is Set to Win the Streaming Wars?

It’s official… there are now so many streaming services that if you had them all, you’d likely pay more than you pay for cable. 59% of all TV consumers use two or more of the top streaming services in lieu of cable. But that isn’t stopping every cable channel, network, and production company from throwing…

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The Best Cybersecurity Books to Read in 2021

Cybersecurity is a rapidly expanding field and today, it’s no longer just industry experts or those working in cybersecurity who find it interesting. Information security (InfoSec) cuts across so many industries and has even become an important geopolitical issue. The general public is taking more of an interest in cybersecurity as well. Non-experts are looking…

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5 Personal Secrets You Could Be Sharing Without Knowing

We are constantly plugged in. We are connected to the Internet via our computers, mobile devices, and even some of our appliances. The movement to seamlessly give you the same experience across all of your devices can also mean that certain bits of information can be shared without you knowing.  Your cell phone is often…

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How to Send Secrets Securely Over the Net

So much of managing our privacy and cybersecurity involves not sharing secrets over the Internet. Some people love to overshare on social media. They can post all kinds of personal information or send emails with passwords or credit card numbers.  But how can you safely share private information like this over the Internet? From Netflix…

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Zoom Security Basics: How To Secure Your Conferencing

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, then you know what Zoom is. Chances are, you’ve used it yourself many times. And if you know about and use Zoom, then you probably also know about the major security issues Zoom had back in March and April 2020. The application became…

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