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Here Are the Best Privacy VPNs

We found the following three VPNs tested highest for public-Wi-Fi protection and had the most secure, hacker-proof internet connections.

Lowest monthly cost [among all plans]


  12,032 reviews | TrustScore 4.8

Link up to 7 devices to your account, which can be used simultaneously.

  • Hide your IP. Your actual IP address is substituted by an IP address from CyberGhost, making it impossible for websites to track your online activity.
  • Strict No Logs Policy. CyberGhost doesn’t track your activity over the Internet.
  • No ad tracking or spying. CyberGhost’s technologies stop tracking by removing website elements that contain tracking software and codes.

Lowest monthly cost [among all plans]


  7,033 reviews | TrustScore 4.6

Link up to 3 devices to your account, which can be used simultaneously.

  • Strict “No Logging” policy. With ExpressVPN there’s never any record keeping of your online activity, nothing ever to be revealed.
  • Protects from government spying. ExpressVPN encryption even prevents your ISP from seeing or tracking your online activity.
  • Hides location, IP address. Be virtually untraceable using one of ExpressVPN’s global IP addresses, never your own.

Lowest monthly cost [among all plans]


  Editors Choice | PC Magazine

30 days money back

Link up to 6 devices to your account, which can be used simultaneously.

  • NordVPN protects your personal privacy. None of your online activity is monitored, gathered and exposed by outsiders. They can’t see it nor get to it.
  • Stop online tracking, spying. NordVPN logs NO online activity of customers so nothing can be reported about your activity when you’re connected.
  • Leave no fingerprint on the internet. Not only is your online activity never recorded, your actual, trackable IP address is never revealed to the world.

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