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What to Know About Data Breaches (and Why You Should Worry)

What to Know About a Data Breach

Fact is, most of don’t know much about data breaches beyond what we might hear about now and then. What we should all know this: when cybercrooks attack a business, hospital, or any organizations, the impact can hit very close to home.

No Surprise Here: Data Breaches Are on the Upswing

There’s not much good news on the data breach front. 

Not when new statistics on network breaches showed that they increased by 68% in 2021. In other words, data breaches and networks attacks are on the rise. 

And as the infographic above illustrated, we are all potential victims of a data breach. When a business or organization gets attacked and their network is infiltrated, the data stolen often includes customer (or patient) data. 

That stolen data is expressed in the number of records stolen. 

As you can see, they’re not stealing just for fun: they’re hoping to blackmail companies (ransom) or sell the stolen data to other cybercrooks who hope to break into those accounts for financial gain. 

Like, perhaps, opening new credit accounts in your name. 

News on network attacks in 2021.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center and their annual data breach report, there were 1,862 data breaches in 2021, nearly 70% more than the year before. What’s scary is that many breaches were very high profile, such as the largest oil pipeline owner in the United States, which caused major disruption and panic. 

The number of data breaches that involved sensitive and valuable data (such as Social Security numbers) also edged up from the previous year. And as the infographic also showed, stolen data can include medical information as well as financial information.

Why is medical data valuable to cybercrooks? Because cybercrooks will file false claims and direct the money into their own accounts.   


And consider this: It may take months for a business that has been hacked—maybe a businesses you have accounts with—to even discover there has been a breach in their network. 

That’s why checking to see if you have compromised accounts (often) is so important.

Stay a step ahead of identity theft.

See if a Data Breach has compromised an account.


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