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WebRTC Test

WebRTC Test

What is WebRTC?

There is a special interface (program) in most Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) called Web Real Time Communication, or WebRTC, and that’s where the so-called flaw is.

However, WebRTC isn’t a flaw at all. It’s actually a special facet of your Web browser.

WebRTC allows computers on different networks to perform special browser-to-browser applications, such as voice calling, video chats, file sharing and more.

But as it turns out, in the hands of a technically savvy person, WebRTC can be tricked into revealing your actual IP address, even if you’re actively using a VPN! That’s certainly not what you would expect or want.

IP address revealed!

Your local IP addresses:

    Your public IP addresses:

      Your IPv6 addresses:

        How to fix the leak

        There’s no need to panic. You might be able to fix the VPN leak on your own, either by disabling WebRTC on your browser or installing a browser plug-in that blocks it.

        Read our article about VPN Leaking for instructions on how to fix it.

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