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The Best Cybersecurity Books to Read in 2021


Cybersecurity is a rapidly expanding field and today, it’s no longer just industry experts or those working in cybersecurity who find it interesting. Information security (InfoSec) cuts across so many industries and has even become an important geopolitical issue. The general public is taking more of an interest in cybersecurity as well. Non-experts are looking for ways to make their personal data more private and secure.

To that end, books about cybersecurity have become popular as well. Some people like to read about cybersecurity in a broader context, such as how it impacts their company or daily life. Others like to read more educational materials or learn about techniques and tools that can help them advance in the cybersecurity field.

Whether you’re a budding ethical hacker or simply interested in how cybersecurity is taking over the world (because it is), here are 7 recently-released books to check out.

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Practical Cybersecurity for Extremely Busy People

Think you’re too busy to worry about password managers or changing the default settings on your home WiFi network? According to Daniel Farber Huang, the author of Practical Cyber Security for Extremely Busy People, you aren’t. This book brings cybersecurity down to your level, showing you how easy it is to have your private data compromised in everyday life. Huang walks you through how to protect yourself at home, work, and school with real-life case studies demonstrating the cybercriminal mindset. Cybersecurity isn’t just for experts; it’s for everyone.

The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom

Most large data breaches are the result of cybersecurity being an afterthought. So many large companies have exposed their customers’ information because they failed to take cyberattacks seriously. The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom by Mathieu Gorge is for C-level executives and corporations who should consider cyber threats a more pressing issue. Even if you aren’t a CEO, this book is still an interesting and useful read about cyber-accountability and how to make your online presence more private.

This is How They Tell Me the World Ends: The Cyberweapons Arms Race

Not all of the best cybersecurity books are practical guides for securing your data. In This is How They Tell Me the World Ends, New York Times reporter Nicole Perlroth raises the curtain on the global cyber-weapons market. After hundreds of interviews and years of research, she shows how hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in almost anything — from computers and cellphones to cars and industrial equipment. Cybercriminals don’t stop once they’ve breached a system; they sell their information to malicious actors who, in many cases, turn out to be governments. This gripping read is a must for anyone interested in just how important cybersecurity cab be.

Crime Dot Com: From Viruses to Vote Rigging, How Hacking Went Global

For a look at how cybercrime has developed in the last 20 years, check out Geoff White’s Crime Dot Com. In it, White educates the reader on cybercrime by telling stories of those most deeply involved in it. The perpetrators he focuses on range from independent hackers to nation-states, and for each crime, he covers he deep dives into the aftermath as well.

“I Have Nothing to Hide”: And 20 Other Myths about Surveillance and Privacy

Those who can’t be bothered to look after the privacy and security of their data often rationalize their choice with by saying, “I have nothing to hide.” Many people mistakenly think if they aren’t some kind of criminal, then it’s acceptable to be hacked or spied on by the government. The truth is everyone has something to hide. Everyone generates tons of data every time they go online. In the book “I Have Nothing to Hide”, attorney and radio host Heidi Boghosian explains how mass surveillance impacts the everyday lives of average citizens. Throughout the book, she offers evidence to dispel common myths about personal cybersecurity.

Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruptions

If you operate in the tech space at all today — or even if you don’t — you’ve probably heard about how big cryptocurrency is getting. There are a lot of fascinating things about how crypto works, but one of the most interesting is how unregulated it is. Many schemes, scams, and hoaxes have come out of the crypto world, and author Erica Stanford takes you through the biggest in Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions, and Industry Disruptions.

Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters (2nd ed.)

Hackers and security analysts rely on computer programming languages to do their jobs, and one such language is Python. Those who want to work in cybersecurity would do well to learn Python, one of the most widely-used languages in the field. In the second edition of Black Hat Python, authors Justin Seitz and Tim Arnold show you how to use Python for hacking that is typically considered “black hat.” The book is a guide to offensive security, equipping readers with the tools they need to carry out successful penetration testing (pentesting).

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If the books on this list aren’t enough to satisfy your cybersecurity curiosity, or you want to learn more about keeping your personal data safe from malicious actors, check out our various resources:

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