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How to set up a VPN on Xbox


A VPN can be a staple in your online security. It masks your IP address to keep your internet identity safe.  Protecting your IP address helps keep your network secure and can keep your online activities private. Can you use a VPN on all of your devices? Just about! You may want to use your VPN on your Xbox One or Xbox series X to ensure your security while playing your favorite games. 

The dilemma is how to use a VPN if they are not available in the Xbox Games store. 

There are a few workarounds to be able to use your VPN with your favorite gaming system. Before explaining the different ways to use a VPN let’s cover some of the reasons you may want to use a VPN.

Why use a VPN on Xbox?

A VPN is a standard security measure for many. After all, with access to your IP address, a hacker could wreak havoc on your network. A VPN can keep your IP address secure by masking your IP address and keeping an extra level of security. After all, who doesn’t want some online security given how possible it is for a data breach, like the 2020 Xbox data breach

Using a VPN can even have some benefits to your gameplay. It can reduce your chances of being booted, decrease your lag time, and can give you access to different servers to play with different gamers. 

One popular value is being able to access games or digital content not available in your area. For example, many use VPNs to see what shows they may have access to on Netflix and other streaming platforms. You can also unlock apps like BBC iPlayer to watch UK television.

Can I get banned using a VPN on Xbox?

By using a VPN you can potentially violate the Microsoft Services Agreement. According to Mashable’s reading of the agreement the company “may automatically check your device for unauthorized hardware or software that enables cheating or tampering,” and depending what they find, they may, “prevent you from accessing the Xbox Services.” 

It’s important to be cautious. There is no clear information available to confirm if you’ll be banned for using a VPN. But signing into your account from multiple locations could flag a security check.

It is safe to say that using the Marketplace to access content you cannot legally purchase could cause trouble so be wary. If you think you’ve been banned you can also use this form to connect to  Microsoft support. 

Certain games can ban you for using a VPN. Games like World of Warcraft and Fortnite do not allow VPNs. Overwatch does not have an issue with players using a VPN, though. If you do not have a static or dedicated private VPN, logins from multiple locations could flag a security check which could cause your account to be blocked.  

You have two options for setting up your VPN. You can run a VPN through your router or you could connect your Xbox One or Xbox X series to your computer.

How to setup a VPN on Your Router 

Setting up a VPN on your router can be the simplest way to use your VPN. But this would mean everything on your router’s Internet connection would be masked by the VPN. This could be problematic for any of your devices that may not be compatible with certain regions. Also, remember that your Xbox account will have a default region when you set it up. 

To set up your VPN you’ll want to sign into your router’s control panel. You’ll also want to have selected your VPN beforehand. 

  1. Sign into your router’s control panel. 
  2. Get to Network > Setup > Settings > WAN or look for a designated VPN page.
  3. Enter in the details of your VPN.
  4. Save your settings.
  5. On your Xbox navigate to Network > Set up wireless network and sign into your Internet connection. 

Once set up, your entire network will be masked by your VPN. This may cause some challenges if the other devices on your network are not compatible with that location. 

How to setup a VPN using your computer and Xbox

With this VPN setting, you’ll want to connect your Xbox to your computer using an ethernet cord. You’ll then set-up the VPN through your computer. This would involve downloading any software beforehand. Set up your VPN on your computer following the instructions you received with your VPN. 

  1. Connect your Xbox to your computer with the ethernet cable.
  2. Go to the Control Panel then to Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Select Change adapter settings.
  4. Right-click on your active Internet connection and select Properties. This should be the VPN you set up on your computer. 
  5. Select the Sharing tab and enable the option Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.
  6. Click OK.
  7. On your Xbox, navigate to Network settings and set up a new network connection. Choose the Use a LAN Cable option, select Easy, then decline to use a proxy server.

A VPN can be simple to use and set-up. While not explicitly allowed on Xbox you can still set one up to play your favorite games privately and to better protect your network. There are also a few benefits to using a VPN that may even improve your gameplay. 

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