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‘Tis the Holiday Season (and the Season for Holiday Scams)

Holiday Season Scams

While you’re making lists on what to cook or buy for friends and family, we prepared a year-end list for online safety!

Holiday season scams work year-round and 24/7, but especially during the holiday season in the U.S. Why? Because they know you’re going to be shopping for gifts, taking vacations, giving to charities and more.

Con artists also know you’ll be busy with parties, get-togethers and year-end work projects, which means you’ll be distracted and might let your guard down. Stay alert, be smart and follow this advice.

Here's wise advice for avoiding a holiday season scam

Holiday Season is Phishing Season.

Holiday season scams are in force for the season and nobody is immune from their schemes. Think twice and hard before your click, shop and spend!

It starts as early as Black Friday, even though that event has changed over the past years, it still kicks off the holiday shopping season. You probably know plenty of people who are doing one of two things:

  • Hoping a few of their favorite stores are having a Black Friday Sale.
  • Want to find good deals online, so they don’t have to actually go to a store.
  • Have been waiting for Black Friday to buy specific items or gifts, such as headphones, a new TV, trendy shoes or a new set of clubs.

Not surprisingly, nearly all scams during the holidays happen online—in other words, the scammers are waiting and preparing just for you.

You have to expect it.

More importantly, you need to be active and on the lookout for scams throughout the holidays and throughout the year. That’s why the list above is important to look at (once more!) and share with others.

Be of good cheer, and of sound mine too!

In an interview, an FBI agent reminded everyone that the holiday season is clearly the leading periods of time for theft and scamming. The reason is clear.

  • Millions of us are spending plenty of cash and using our credit cards to buy gifts for family and friends.
  • We’re buying plane tickets and booking accommodations to visit others or to take a holiday vacation.
  • In the spirit of giving, we look for charities to make a year-end donation

The agent’s biggest piece of advice for shoppers is this—know who you’re interacting with and verify that the company or seller is 100% legitimate. “It’s so incredibly easy for a criminal to create a fake retail website,” the FBI agent explained. “All they have to do is download pictures of some great product off the internet, stick a price on it, and take your payment—and they’ll never deliver you the product.”

Stay safe this holiday season and throughout the year. Listen to the Easy Prey podcast to learn more about how to stay safe and avoid being a victim to scams and fraud.

We’re here to help.

You’ll find plenty of resources and articles on to help you tackle this problem. Here are three to check out…

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