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Which Websites Are Protecting Your Privacy?

Some Website Privacy Policies Are Better at Protecting You from the Government

Internet privacy is a hot topic. Today, people are wondering if government agencies are capturing their online information and reading their emails. With what’s come out in the news the past year, that concern is understandable.

More importantly, people want to know — if the government asks the leading websites for peoples’ private data, do websites simply hand it over? What do companies like Google, AT&T and Facebook do when the government demands your private information? What actions can, and do, the websites take? Now there’s a report that can tell you which websites are on YOUR side.

Who has your back?

The Electronic Freedom Federation ( has published a report that can tell you which companies help protect your data from the government. Their third annual report (2013) focuses on online service providers’ privacy and transparency practices regarding government access to user data.

The comparison chart.

The EFF examined the policies of Internet Service Providers, email providers, cloud companies, blogging platforms, and social media to see what kind of protection they offer consumers and customers. EFF evaluated the listed companies’ practices and policies according to six criteria:

  1. Require a warrant for content of communications.
  2. Tell users about government data requests.
  3. Publish transparency reports.
  4. Publish law enforcement guides.
  5. Fight for users’ privacy rights in courts.
  6. Fight for users’ privacy in Congress.

The report includes a chart that shows you what the leading websites’ privacy policies are and how they compare to each other.

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