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TorGuard Review

TorGuard Review

TorGuard Keeps Your Data Secure and Profile Hidden, So You Can Browse the Internet with Security and Privacy.

Review by Summer Hirst

TorGuard provides high-grade encryption that’s enough to protect you from hackers and spies. While it has Tor in its name, it’s not connected to the Tor project in any way (the “Tor” probably stands for Torrenting.) But they do have a number of privacy products, including their signature VPN, proxy services and secure emails.

Primary features

  • Anti-leak technology and kill switch
  • 8 connections on one license
  • Over 3000 servers in 50+ countries
  • Dedicate IP available to unblock Netflix
  • 7 day free trial
  • Excellent service reviews
  • Great speeds for torrenting

Get TorGuard Now

TorGuard offers customer support via live chat, ticketing system and toll-free phone number. Not many VPN companies offer phone support. While a toll-free number makes things easier for their customers, it is available only to TorGuard customers in the U.S.

TorGuard has VPN servers in over 50 countries, which means you have plenty of options to unlock otherwise blocked content from all over the world. It allows peer-to-peer (P2P) connections, so you can torrent (download) your favorite movies and TV shows.

While TorGuard doesn’t offer the best speeds, the connections are still fast enough for streaming. They offer dedicated IPs for their customers, as well as shared IP addresses, which is the norm. While individual users generally need shared IPs for enhanced anonymity, businesses might want to have IPs issued exclusively to them, which is why TorGuard offers dedicated IPs.

Torrent the Way you Want

TorGuard offers a kill switch, which automatically ends your internet session if the VPN connection drops. Apart from VPN services, TorGuard also offers anonymous email services, but that will cost you extra.

If you prefer not to download an app or software to use TorGuard, you can buy a pre-installed VPN router from them that you can simply plugin and start using. Keep in mind, you will still need to choose and pay for your TorGuard plan, which is separate.

Customer Support

TorGuard offers good customer-care services, thanks to their toll-free number (a rarity for VPN providers) and live chat, which not everyone offers. But if you’re not in a hurry, you can open a service ticket and expect a reply within a few hours to a day. TorGuard also has a blog and an installation guide section where you might find answers to your questions.


TorGuard offers its VPN services at average industry prices with month-to-month, quarterly, six- and 12-month plans. The 12-month plan offers the lowest monthly cost. Whichever plan you choose, you can link up to 5 devices belonging to you, a family member, or a friend—at no additional charge.

You can pay for your TorGuard subscription using credit cards, payment walls and cryptocurrencies.

If you run a business, you should know that TorGuard offers special business plans for startups, small companies, medium-sized corporations and large enterprises—plus, there are special features with the business packages. TorGuard also offers dedicated IP [Link:] addresses at an extra cost (a one-time fee of around $20) which can be good for businesses who want a consistent, fast download speed.

Installation and Use

You can use TorGuard on Windows, Apple computers, Linux, as well as Androids and iPhones. It is also available as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. TorGuard can be configured on your router as well, which is different from buying a pre-configured router. Chances are you’ll need someone to help you set up a router connection.

TorGuard apps are very easy to use and you can connect to the location of your preference within a few seconds. (It gets a little tricky when they ask you to select an encryption method; however, they do have guides to help you out.)

Privacy Assurance

TorGuard‘s Privacy policy states that they don’t log or collect any data from their proxy or VPN services. They do collect email addresses and payment data; but if you want to stay somewhat anonymous, you can use a secure email and cryptocurrency payment method that doesn’t connect to your identity.

However, TorGuard falls under the U.S. jurisdiction, which privacy experts don’t like. If TorGuard truly does not log any data, as they claim, it doesn’t really matter where it’s located.

No logs. No Records.

In a Nutshell

Users get strong security with TorGuard, because it uses the OpenVPN security protocol and AES 256-bit encryption, which is corporate grade. Their 800-number support is available only to the U.S. customers, but anyone can use the live chat feature.

Overall, TorGuard is a reputable VPN that will keep you safe from hackers on unsecured public Wi-Fi connections and protect your privacy from government agencies, while offering very good speeds.

If you’re looking for the highest speeds for all-out gaming purposes, however, it might not be your top choice.

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