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Safepath: Step 1

“Hi. Chris Parker here, founder and CEO of WhatIsMyIPAddress. This is Step 1 of the Safepath 5-Step Challenge. Each simple step you take boosts your security and is totally free.”

If someone had the log-in credentials to your credit card or bank accounts, wouldn’t you want to know?

Of course you would. That’s why we offer you our free Data Breach Check Tool.

Every days there's a data breach happening somewhere in the world. The more worrisome part is that you don't know about it and you also don’t know if it affects you. In 2020 there were over 3,900 recorded data breaches, with 37 billion records exposed. YOU need to do something to protect your accounts! That starts with a free Data Breach Check.

Step 1: Check for Compromised Accounts

What is a data breach?

A data breach occurs when cybercriminals hack into organizations’ databases and steal sensitive information. The data can include passwords, account numbers, names, home addresses, Social Security numbers and more.

However, by entering an email address into our Data Breach Check Tool, you’ll be able to see if you have any accounts that have been compromised in a data breach.

Like thieves in the night, hackers and cybercriminals routinely break into the huge databases of corporations, retailers, websites and organizations. They’re more than vandals just looking to have fun and mess up networks—they’re looking to steal confidential customer and account information you think (and hope) would be secure, protected and safe.

When they succeed, they take away data on millions of people, maybe including you. The stolen data is eventually exposed on the internet and/or pasted on a site for other hackers. Sometimes it takes years before the breach is even discovered.

Protect your accounts and identity.

It's very likely that one or more of your accounts has been part of a breach, whether this year or in years past. And if that is the case, your accounts' log-in credentials, account numbers and more could be up for grabs on the internet. That’s why you need to find out where you stand ASAP and take steps to protect your accounts that have been compromised.

Some of the largest data breaches on record.

Step 1 of the 5-Step Challenge is complete when you:

  1. Checked to see if you have compromised accounts
  2. Changed passwords on compromised accounts and/or started using a password manager